VirBELA Virtual Reality Training Simulator

Joint Virtual Reality Trainer for Military Joint Terminal Attack Controllers


What We Do.

JTAC Training is changing.

VirBELA is honored to team with the Office of Naval Research and Lockheed Martin as lead developer and integrator of the Joint Virtual Reality Trainer for the U.S Military Joint Terminal Attack Controller community.  

The JTAC is a highly specialized qualification within the US military and JTACs conduct their work in the world’s most challenging locations.  As a result, high-quality, realistic and safe training is crucial, but has historically been expensive, dangerous, and limited to just a few locations.

VirBELA’s JVT solution is a fully immersive, lightweight, and transportable virtual reality (VR) training kit that can be easily carried around the world to provide timely, high fidelity procedural training to JTACs anywhere, anytime. 

Why We Do It.

The cost of JVT is a fraction of traditional dome simulator systems.  Along with the unmatched flexibility of leading commercial gaming software and product support, these savings allow the software and training solution to remain in lock step with developments and updates in the actual user community.     

VirBELA is proud to serve the US Military and can provide demonstrations of this and other custom software solutions upon request.  To inquire about VirBELA Custom Virtual Reality Training solutions, contact us here.

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