Welcome to VirBELA Team Suites

Thanks for your interest in VirBELA Team Suites!
Check out the instructions below to dive in.
Optional - Want a free guided demo of a Team Suite?
1. Launch VirBELA Open Campus.
2. Enter VirBELA Open Campus.
This video will show you how to get started. Rather have a text walkthrough? Go here.
Once you enter the Open Campus, a few helpful tips will pop up to help you get around.
3. Explore the VirBELA Team Suite Demo
Once in the VirBELA Open Campus, use the "Go To" menu in the top left to teleport to the "Team Suite Demo"!
TIP: explore further. Check out the Auditorium, and try to find the beach!
4. Invite Others
Want to see what it's like to hold a meeting, event, or class in a Team Suite?
People inside the Team Suite Demo at the same time have voice chat, text chat, presentation tools, and more.