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Host: VirBELA
Time: Thursdays, 9AM PST
Price: Free
Location: Open Campus

Open Sesame
Azure Cloud

Host: Vancouver Technology User Group
Time: September 23, 6PM PST
Price: Free
Location: Auditorium

Congress of Educational Disruption

Host: Ibero-American Educators
Time:  October 18 (6:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m EST)
Price: Free
Location: Large Auditorium
Contact: antonio.delgado1@upr.edu

Ibero-American Virtual Congress of Educational Disruption

New learning ecologies, new platforms, new teaching roles, new academic programs, flexible and personalized curricula, new credentials, lifelong learning, Competency Based Learning, Network Learning and Education 4.0.

Group Tour of VirBELA

Join a VirBELA expert and others interested in the future of work for a tour of VirBELA, our 3D world for remote collaboration.

VirBELA Open Campus Trainings

Learn how to make the most of the VirBELA Open Campus: presentation tools, tips + tricks, and more.

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