Why VirBELA For Online Events?

The VirBELA Open Campus isn't just a next-generation online events platform. We also provide end-to-end support for your event to ensure a memorable, effective experience for all participants.
Presentation Tools

Participants have access to a range of presenter tools inside VirBELA, with support for file sharing, .ppt/.pdf/image upload, screen sharing, laser pointers, and even video casting in the 3D world.

Avatar Interaction

In VirBELA, users interact as customizable avatars. Instead of video chat tiles that remind everyone that they are in separate places, avatars in VirBELA feel together in the same environment. Your avatars can interact via voice chat, text chat, or playful animations.

Sense of Space

In a 3D environment, events have a real sense of space that helps audiences interact naturally and effectively. Doing things like breaking into small groups is as easy as it is in physical space.


It's tough for lots of people to come together online and really feel "present" with each other. In VirBELA, global scale doesn't come at the expense of togetherness and a feeling of presence. VirBELA supports thousands of simultaneous users.

Thoughtfully Designed Environments

The VirBELA Open Campus has board room environments that are perfect for smaller gatherings or auditoriums with expandable seating for massive events. Want a space for more casual mingling after the keynote presentation? We have outdoor environments in the Campus that are perfect for that.

Support + Training

We work closely with your event organizers, presenters, and participants to ensure that they know how to use the VirBELA Open Campus. We also provide support during the event to ensure that it runs smoothly.

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Upcoming Public Events

VirBELA Tour

Host: VirBELA
Time:  M-F, 9 a.m., 11 a.m., 1 p.m. PT
Price: Free
Location: Open Campus

Getting Started With VirBELA

Host: Brad Andersohn
Time:  M-F at 10 a.m. PT
Price: Free
Location: Conference Hall

VirBELA Explained

Host: Brad Andersohn
Time:  Wednesday 1 p.m. PT
Price: Free
Location: Conference Hall

VirBELA Tools for Success

Host: Brad Andersohn
Time: Tuesday, Thursday 2 p.m. PT
Price: Free
Location: Conference Hall

Ibero-American Virtual Congress of Educational Disruption

New learning ecologies, new platforms, new teaching roles, new academic programs, flexible and personalized curricula, new credentials, lifelong learning, Competency Based Learning, Network Learning and Education 4.0.

Group Tour of VirBELA

Join a VirBELA expert and others interested in the future of work for a tour of VirBELA, our 3D world for remote collaboration.

VirBELA Open Campus Trainings

Learn how to make the most of the VirBELA Open Campus: presentation tools, tips + tricks, and more.

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