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Benefit from always-on collaboration spaces for remote teams, educators and small events when you visit our open campus.
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Our open campus is your always-on virtual space, ready for teams to work, collaborate and socialize

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Glenn Sanford
eXp Founder And CEO
“Virbela’s virtual offices promote business growth and foster collaboration in a creative environment that was ideal for our needs.”
Cynthia Hanson
Director Of Strategic
Innovation & Educational
Technology, UCSD
Virbela enriched the overall learning experience by promoting collaboration, stimulating discussion and creating a feeling of spatial togetherness.”

Interactive Tools That Set Your
Team Up For Success

Our open campus provides everything your organization needs to create a productive, interactive, and collaborative working environment.
  • Present slides, PDFs, and documents
  • Share your screen or webcam
  • Interactive whiteboards and sticky notes
  • Show any software that runs in a web browser

Nurture Connectivity And Culture Throughout Your Organization

Utilize our open campus to create the kind of human interactions and company culture that are difficult to replicate over video calls alone.

Empower Your Teams To Be Themselves

Personalized avatars can display human emotions, encourage each other by clapping or hugging, and allow everyone’s personality to shine through.

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