Private Campus

Your own private virtual world,
as large and ambitious as your imagination.
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An always-on virtual HQ with everything your organization needs to thrive remotely.

A Virtual World to Call Home

Create a one-of-a-kind virtual world that's only accessible by your employees, students, or those who you invite.

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Spaces for Every Need

Offices, classrooms, event venues, service desks, and hangout spots — we have all of your needs covered, and then some.

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Your World, Your Brand

Easily brand external and internal locations and work with our team to build completely unique 3D models and environments.

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Built to Scale, Massively

Support for thousands of employees, students, and attendees, spread across the globe.

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An Always-On Virtual Space Ready For Teams To Work,
Collaborate, And Socialize

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The freedom and confidence to run your entire organization remotely.

A Private Campus gives companies and universities of all sizes a virtual hub in which to operate their entire organization. From meetings, events, classes, and even holiday parties, Virbela has you covered.

Unlike video chat or other collaboration tools, Virbela doesn't leave people feeling disconnected.

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Build a World-Class Remote Culture

Each Private Campus is designed to create close-knit culture from a distance. Virbela gives people a sense of togetherness, even when they’re thousands of miles apart.

Create Unstructured Social Environments

Our research discovered that the key to remote team performance is social and emotional connection. Bring the water cooler (or water fountain) back with serendipitous social interaction.

Reduce Operating Cost

A private campus can replace building leases and eliminate travel, saving millions a year. As organizations grow, Virbela scales with no slow downs.

Everything your organization needs to operate remotely.

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Customizable Campus

With Virbela, you can customize 3D environments to reflect company culture and branding. Personalize offices or change design features quickly and easily.

Enterprise-Grade Security

No conversations are saved and we conduct regular security and compliance testing. We take your security and privacy very seriously.

Scalability to the 10,000s

With underlying architecture built to grow, tens of thousands of staff, clients, or visitors can be on campus with no slowing down in-world.

Spatialized Voice

Speech gets quieter and louder as you move, just like it does in real life, allowing dozens of separate conversations in each area.

Familiar Presentation Tools

Showcase great ideas or solve problems together using slides, websites, screen-sharing, laser pointers, sticky notes, and more.

Breakout Groups

Breakout sessions work even better in Virbela, where you can turn on private volume areas in any space to form groups with no distractions.

Unique Avatars

Create your avatar with customizable clothes, hair, skin tone, and more. Great for building inclusive communities and empowering personal creativity.

Learn How eXp Realty Built a Billion Dollar Global Remote Business

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Virbela Enables Your Organization to Thrive Remotely

Full Power Presentations

Everything your teams and students needs to create immersive, interactive presentations that get the point across.
  • Present slides, PDFs, and documents
  • Share your screen or webcam
  • Interactive whiteboards and sticky notes
  • Play videos or livestream through YouTube
  • Show any software that runs in a web browser

Make It Your Own

Customize and create a virtual 3D business, educational, or event campus that’s the perfect fit for your organization.

All Work, Lots of Play

Explore the campus, play games, drive a speedboat, high five, or dance. Virtual worlds have plenty of space for fun alongside actual work.

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Private Campus

Plans start at $4,000/mo

  • Starting at 150 users, scales up to 1,000
  • Includes offices, classrooms, event venues, and recreational areas
  • Easily upload logos, images, and videos
  • SSO and API integrations available
  • Admin dashboard, permission controls
  • 1-year minimum commitment
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Avatar & Communication
  • Personalize and dress your avatar
  • Emotes, dances and celebrations
  • Spatialized voice chat
  • Text chat and private messages
Presentations & Media
  • PDF, PowerPoint and Google Slides support
  • Webcam and screensharing
  • Play videos or livestream through YouTube
  • Support for any web application compatible with Google Chrome
Open Campus Access
  • Access to all public areas in open campus
  • Free community events, concerts, meetups, and workshops
  • Team building activities, speed boats, soccer fields, and much more.

Enterprise Campus

Customized Pricing

  • Perfect globally distributed companies, supports over 1,000 users
  • Fully customizable with design and professional services
  • Custom app-labeling available
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Brian Miller
Davenport's Global Campus Dean
“We want to try to make sure we are in front of the curve. What really makes a school is a sense of place. That's missing in most online learning programs.”
Cynthia Hanson
Director Of Strategic
Innovation & Educational
Technology, UCSD
“Virbela enriched the overall learning experience by promoting collaboration, stimulating discussion and creating a feeling of spatial togetherness”

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