About Virbela

Virbela was born from a desire to redefine and improve the future of remote work, social connectivity, and distance learning.
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Redefining the Future of Work

Virbela was developed to provide an immersive, virtual solution for the real-world challenges facing organizations, remote workers, and learners today. By creating an inclusive, community-driven online space that promotes productivity, collaboration, and realistic interactions, we empower companies to grow and scale their businesses and ideas - faster, more efficiently, and more sustainably.
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Our Story

As an organization, Virbela has an understanding of human psychology at its core. That’s something that transmits through the virtual worlds we build for our customers. Ultimately, Virbela was created by people for people.
When Alex Howland was a student doing his PhD in behavioral and organizational psychology, he carried out research on the impact of simulated training environments on individuals, compared to equivalent real-life scenarios. Alex’s pioneering work found that virtual training had an almost identical psychological effect on attendees as you’d expect after a real-life, in-person session.
A spark was lit and the future of remote work and learning changed forever. Alex’s findings fueled a hunger to go further, starting work on an immersive, virtual reality platform that focused on education and team development. This innovative approach to connecting dispersed colleagues and students caught the eye of a business enterprise body, who promptly awarded Alex a $50,000 grant to start what is now, Virbela.
Fast forward just a few short years and, having raised $1.7 million to develop the idea into a go-to solution for a borderless organizational structure, the final piece of the puzzle was put into place. Forward-thinking real-estate brokerage eXp Realty was so impressed that they acquired Virbela’s core group of products and services, and the rest is not history, but the future.



eXp World Holdings is the holding company for a number of businesses, most notably eXp Realty. As a full-service real estate brokerage, eXp Realty provides 24/7 access to collaborative tools, training, and socialization for over 85,000 real estate brokers and agents through its 3D virtual office environment in Virbela – which eXp acquired in 2018.
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