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Virbela gives your organization the agility, confidence, and freedom to operate entirely remotely.
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Founded by organizational psychologists, Virbela is built to solve the challenges of remote work.

During doctoral research, Virbela founders discovered the key to high-performing remote teams: social and emotional connection. Virtual worlds create the deeply social spaces people miss when working from home, learning online, or attending virtual events. 

Since 2012, we've been engineering and designing immersive 3D virtual spaces that provide the presence and emotional connection of being together in person.

Our mission: make remote-first a reality.

We believe that this new remote way of working, meeting, and learning will unlock tremendous growth: more productive and innovative companies, more accessible education, happier and safer people, and a healthier environment for all.

The new normal. The next normal. Just normal. Whatever you call it, a digitally transformed world of working, learning, and meeting is here — and it’s powered by Virbela.

We Build Immersive 3D Worlds for
Work, Learning, and Virtual Events

Our engaging virtual spaces replicate real world dynamics and social interactions. You can recreate your office, event, or university while maintaining a sense of community and culture in ways that video, chat, and email just can't.

Remote Work

Everything your company needs to operate fully remotely.

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Remote Learning

Create an engaging, immersive virtual space for your students.

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Virtual Events

A virtual experience that's actually worth the ticket.

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Virtual worlds give your organization an unfair advantage.

Save Money on Real Estate

Keep commercial real estate costs in check by shifting to remote operations. Staff can work entirely in Virbela virtual space.

Reduce Travel & Expenses

Invite global teams and clients to your virtual campus. Visits remain memorable, especially with intuitive controls and tools.

Hire the Best Talent

Expand your search to any country or continent. All team members need is wifi to get to work every day. 

Increase Diversity

Communicating using avatars is more accessible and reduces the chance of appearance based discrimination.

Build a Global Culture

Schedule regular meetings while making space for chance encounters. Collaborate, manage, track, and team-up, all in one virtual space.

A remote world as smart and innovative as you are.

Virbela engineers have taken the Unity game engine to new and unprecedented heights.

Our virtual spaces are built to hold tens of thousands of users, all connected through innovative and proprietary voice technology that make communicating and connecting as easy as speaking to the people around you.

No VR Headset Required

Virbela is compatible with almost any PC or Mac computer. Just download the client, and you're ready to go. No extra gear required.

Fortune 500 Ready

With support for SSO, thousands of users, and deep integrations into enterprise-level tech stacks, Virbela is ready to scale with your global organization and audience.

Enterprise-Grade Security

No conversations are saved and we conduct regular security and compliance testing. We take your security and privacy very seriously.


Remote Work and Virtual Events are Here to Stay

Digital transformation has rapidly accelerated due to COVID-19 and sparked a workplace revolution. Companies increasingly realize the lifestyle, economic, and environmental benefits of remote work and distance learning.
  • 77%

    of the workforce said they wanted to continue to work from home after the COVID-19 pandemic
     Global Workplace Analytics
  • 86%

    of employees surveyed said they prefer working remotely to office work.
    New York Times
  • 1,100%

    increase in business and professional online events in April 2020 year over year
  • 37%

    projected decrease in global spend on business travel and events
    Global Business Travel Association
  • 91%

    of all students worldwide saw their schools closed due to COVID-19
  • 43%

    of students found the quality of classes in the new online learning environment “negative”
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Learn how eXp realty built a billion dollar global real estate business on Virbela

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Virbela’s virtual offices promote business growth and foster collaboration in a remote environment that was ideal for our global ambitions.”
Glenn Sanford | eXp Founder And CEO
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