VRDays Europe 2020 New Horizons

This year, everything is different. This year, VRDays is coming to you.

Top Tech Awards Goes Virtual to Honor California Innovators

Creating Real Classroom Experiences in Virtual Worlds

VirBELA Announces Craig Kaplan as Chief Customer Officer

VirBELA expands leadership team as company sees exponential growth

Improved Private Campus Guest Invitation Feature

By popular request, we’ve improved our guest invitation feature on the VirBELA dashboard for Private Campus owners

VirBELA Accelerates Growth 260% in Q2 2020

VirBELA sees exponential growth as businesses navigate the new remote world

VirBELA Accelerates Growth as Go-to Platform for Virtual Events

Virtual worlds become the future of events, as companies seek human connection and meaningful interaction

Four Ways to Keep Remote Employee Morale High

For business leaders, it’s important to strike the balance between maintaining productivity and keeping employee morale high. Here are five tips to help you find that balance.

VirBELA Partners with Startup Grind for Summer Series

VirBELA has partnered with Southern California chapters of Startup Grind to bring you a new summer series.

VirBELA Partners with HTC to Introduce VIVE Campus

VIVE Campus will be a part of HTC VIVE’s new XR Suite, an integrated application bundle that enables users to immersively work, learn, socialize and attend events virtually.

Meet the VirBELA Expo Hall

We’re excited to share VirBELA’s new Expo Hall, a modern business meeting and event facility that gives event attendees an impressive 3D virtual experience.

Introducing Native Screen Share V1

We're excited to introduce new screen share and webcam tools that make collaboration even easier using VirBELA.

eXp World Holdings Hosts Virtual Shareholder Summit

eXp World Holdings held it's annual shareholder event in their private campus eXp World.

Five Tools for Remote Work

eXp Realty Founder Glenn Sanford shares his top five tools for remote work.

Laval Virtual World 2020 Event Draws Over 6,600

Check out Laval Virtual World 2020, an event that drew over 6,600 from 110 countries.

Virtual Reality Comes to VirBELA

Early VR support comes to VirBELA, with more coming.

A Glimpse at the Future of Online Events: The Educators in VR 2020 Summit

An online, week-long feast of presentations, networking, provocations, and exploration was a sign of things to come in the online event space.

VirBELA Open Campus: December 2019 Update

More customization options, easier access to Team Suite Dashboard, and more.

5 Tips for Managing a Remote Team

Managing a remote team requires a different approach.

University of Puerto Rico holds First Congress of Educational Disruption in VirBELA

UPR brought educators together online in VirBELA for the first Congress of Educational Disruption.

VirBELA Open Campus: September 2019 Update

More customizable Team Suites, audience control options, and more.

VirBELA Campus Hub: Making VirBELA Even Better for Online, Immersive Events

There's a new way to see upcoming events and updates in VirBELA, our immersive world for online collaboration and co-working.

Peter Diamandis Hosts Gathering of Innovators in VirBELA

An incredible event about driving innovation and frontier technology.

Introducing the Large Auditorium

It's a new era for large-scale virtual events, webinars, and collaboration.

Alone Yet Connected: The Key to Engagement for Remote Workers

Remote work is on the rise. Staying connected with co-workers is key.

Comparing 3D Virtual Worlds to Video Conferencing for Online Collaboration

Why we think 3D virtual worlds help teams do more online.

With Scalability, Close to 1K Attend a Virtual Auditorium Conference with More Possible

Scalable features, like spatialized or flat voices, combine with avatar-based interaction to create mega-events that feel real at manageable costs.

Picking Up The Tech in No Time for Non-Digital Natives

Learning virtual technology can be quick when companies choose best-in-class platforms and practice spaced repetition to get good at interacting and presenting.

Safety Benefits of VR Training

Safety matters, and virtual reality can help in big ways.