The Future of Work

One world, achieving together.

VirBELA enables next-generation, remote collaboration.

The Future of Work

"I love commuting to the office!"
- said no one, ever.

VirBELA enables next-generation, remote collaboration.

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Open Campus

Whether you’re a small group of globally distributed, digital nomads or just down the street from each other, our Open Campus is the perfect place to hold online events or build a cloud-based business. Completely free to use and home to a community of untethered innovators.


Team Suites

Want a private suite to use with your remote team or online class? Get a Team Suite, an always-on, next generation virtual office environment. We offer out-of-the-box Team Suites, but you can customize your space with branding, configurable layouts, and more.


Enterprise Campus

Does your organization needs its own private, virtual campus with custom designs, features, or integrations at enterprise scale? We have an enthusiastic and talented team of designers and developers that can bring your vision to life. White-labeling available.



We know it's tough for large amounts of people to "come together" online in a way that feels personal and engaging. VirBELA changes that.

With support for hundreds of users at once, VirBELA is perfect for large-scale gatherings, events, online classes, breaking into small groups, and more.

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VirBELA Open Campus

The VirBELA Open Campus is a virtual world, a community, and a collaborative, playful environment.

Interested in the future of work and collaboration? Become a member of the Open Campus.

Team Building Games
Customizable Avatars
Presenter Tools
Unlimited Talk Time
File Sharing

Team Suites

Team Suites are private, powerful, and engaging online collaboration spaces.

Uniquely designed to maximize productivity and engagement.


Meeting Spaces

Shared Space

Meeting Room

Conference Hall

Medical Operating Room

Presentation Ready

Answer audience questions, upload files, manage multiple screens, and access your favorite productivity tools, all while speaking to hundreds of attendees from anywhere in the world.

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Avatars Matter

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