What is Virbela?

Virbela is a virtual world, accessed via a desktop app, that brings people together in an immersive environment to work, learn, meet, and train from anywhere at any time.
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What Does Virbela Do?

Virbela builds virtual environments to replicate real-world surroundings, dynamics and human interactions. With Virbela you can recreate your office, event, or place of learning while maintaining a sense of community and culture in ways that video conferencing, digital collaboration and online forums cannot.
What’s more, without the geographical barriers to recruitment, attendance or engagement, you have the organizational agility, resilience, and control to be ready for virtually anything. That means together you can focus on the important things: business continuity, revenue, growth, culture, and social engagement.
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What Is Virbela Used For?

Virbela is the virtual alternative to video calls, traditional learning tools, and remote collaboration software. Our custom-built worlds empower you to overcome uncertainty by taking your workplace, event or training seamlessly online. With Virbela, you can save money on office space while maintaining relationships with your team through real-time socialization and familiar surrounds.
  • Create Culture And Maintain Social Connectivity

    Working from home can be lonely and stressful. Help your people avoid the disconnect of being at a distance and bring human contact into every day as part of an inclusive online community.
  • Be Much More Productive

    Empower your teams to spend more time working and socializing with colleagues in a virtual workplace or campus, and less time commuting or struggling to find answers on their own.
  • Reduce Online Meeting Fatigue

    Long days of video meetings and conference calls are exhausting. Kill your cam and stay energized with natural, motivating interactions with colleagues in your virtual environment instead.
  • Hold Interactive Online Events

    Host your own, specially-designed online event, forum, exhibition, or conference in a fully-immersive virtual space. All attendees have a personal avatar and can interact just as in the real world.
  • Engage In Active Learning

    Drive your online learning forward and participate in virtual seminars and tutorials using tools like sticky notes and laser pointers, just as if you were attending a session in person.
  • Scale Your Business And Workforce

    Pick the best talent for your organization and plan for the future without traditional seat-count or geographical limits. Your virtual workplace can scale-up and be accessed anywhere, at any time.

See how Virbela’s virtual engagement platform drives community, culture and performance for customers of all kinds.

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Virbela’s virtual offices promote business growth and foster collaboration in a creative environment that was ideal for our needs.”
Glenn Sanford | eXp Founder and CEO
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"Virbela enriched the overall learning experience by promoting collaboration, stimulating discussion and creating a feeling of spatial togetherness" 
Cynthia Hanson | Director of Strategic Innovation & Educational Technology, UCSD
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"I love that using the virtual campus can recreate, to a surprising degree, some of the social dynamics and behaviors you would expect to see in the physical real world."
Aaron Frank | Principal Faculty at Singularity University
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Virbela Is Powered By People, For People

Behind every avatar is a human looking to learn, inspire, be inspired, and connect with others. But these experiences can only occur when people are truly present, with ready access to information, resources, and each other.
At Virbela we’re an enthusiastic, dedicated team of instructional designers, developers, 3D artists, psychologists, and serious game creators. And our values of imagination, inclusion and play drive everything we do as we help create the future of work.
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Your World Awaits

Open Campus

A sprawling 3D world to hold events and make new connections.
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Team Suites

A customizable virtual office built for your team only.
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Private Campus

A scalable, fully customizable virtual world built for your organization.
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Large Meetings

A purpose-built virtual space to host everything from conferences to concerts.
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Your World Awaits

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