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Our scalable digital spaces replicate the physical work and learning environments and human interactions of the real world. From offices and meeting rooms to exhibition halls or university campuses.
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Work, learn and socialize in your own way

Customize and create a virtual 3D office, campus, or online event that’s the perfect fit for you and your organization – no matter your organizational model, setup or size. Whether you’re an enterprise looking to expand or an institution reaching out to a dispersed student community, tailor our platform to meet your personal and professional needs. And it’s okay to have some fun, too!
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Remote Work

Virtual environments, real-life experiences

Only Virbela provides the kind of realistic, intelligent, and customizable features that make your virtual day-to-day a little more real.
  • Directional Audio

    Virbela replicates the directional audio projections of the physical world, so people get louder as you approach and quieter as you walk away. Sensitive acoustics are great for privacy and presentations.
  • Avatar Emotes

    Humans connect with humans, and your avatar can display human emotions and expressions to build rapport with colleagues and have fun, too – from laughing to thinking and more.
  • Real-Life Presentation Tools

    Engage with others internally or during an online event with real-life tools. From presenting slide decks and PDFs to sticky notes and laser pointers to playing video and live streaming.
  • Spatial Immersion

    The sense of control, autonomy and ownership over your space immerses you in your virtual environment. Rather than feeling tied to your desk, you’re free to explore.
  • Personal Identity

    Own your avatar with customizable clothes, hair, skin tone, and more. Great for creating inclusive communities and empowering personal identity.
  • Celebrations

    High-fiving, clapping, dancing, and yes, backflipping colleagues are happy colleagues! Your avatar can do it all. Show others you care while also having fun.
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Remote Work

Empower your teams to work, connect, and learn together, even when they’re apart. From interactive presentations and conferencing facilities to private offices and breakout rooms, Virbela provides your team with a dynamic remote work environment that promotes productivity, creativity, and social connectivity.

Whether you’re a team of 5 or 500 and in need of a personalized virtual office space, board room for private meetings, or conference hall to host your whole organization or customers, remote work is easier, more effective and more efficient than ever, with Virbela.
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Our individually simulated learning environments include university campuses, breakout rooms, auditoriums, and training facilities. What’s more, these realistic virtual spaces come equipped with interactive presentation tools like laser pointers, sticky notes, directional audio, and customization to help recreate the diverse, multi-layered experience of real-world educational facilities.

You don’t have to be physically present in order to provide quality, hands-on education, training and development. With Virbela your tailored virtual environment enables the same standard, level of engagement and personalization of learning, training and development as you would enjoy in the physical world.
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Our custom virtual spaces provide the perfect location for your engaging, interactive event and can be built and designed for virtually any purpose. Host up to 10,000 people simultaneously in auditoriums, exhibition halls, or even outdoors. That means you can enjoy all the networking and promotional opportunities of a real-world event without the worry of bad weather, travel restrictions, or space limitations getting in the way.

With a Virbela online event you can even add branded signage, themed trade booths, perhaps set up a stage for guest speakers or hold a fireworks display or awards ceremony to round off a truly memorable event.
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Virbela is a place to socialize, make new connections and strengthen bonds between classmates and colleagues. The best way to do that is during downtime. That’s why we’ve created special, customizable recreation areas for you and your team to enjoy. From a game on the soccer pitch to a boat ride on the lake, a fireworks display or even a live music concert onstage – you can recreate the kind of team-building, fun activities that make everyone happier and closer together, in-world.

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