VirBELA Mission

Our mission is to improve the way people learn and collaborate together, while apart. The world of work is changing. Too many people are unhappy at work. Distance education, while convenient, does not support social and experiential learning engagements that are most effective to developing 21st-century skills.  We believe immersive technology is opening up new frontiers for collaboration. We hope to work with client partners in diverse market sectors to change the world for both individuals and organizations.

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VirBELA Technology

We offer out-of-the-box software as well as custom-built solutions.


Finally, one place with everything you need. Our virtual environments are designed to bring you and your team closer together, which is why we’ve made sure our software is compatible with the most popular business, learning, and productivity tools available. Click the button below to check out our list of software integrations.


You can’t afford to get stuck with outdated software. That’s why we’ve built Virbela on top of Unity, the world’s most powerful game engine, which allows us to create customized and contextually relevant experiences that can be transformed and optimized over time to continuously meet your needs.


Scaling up? Not a problem. Scaling down? We’ve got you covered. Backed by AWS, our virtual environments can rapidly expand or contract to match your demand. And, with state-of-the-art encryption from Amazon, you’re data is always in good hands. Click the button below to learn more about our different virtual environments.

Our Work

Our diverse team of designers, engineers, and artists can create anything from digital duplicates of proprietary tools to fully immersive training scenarios.

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