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May 15, 2020

eXp World Holdings Hosts Virtual Shareholder Summit

eXp World Holdings held it's annual shareholder event in their private campus eXp World.
Kaitlyn Olsson
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Since 2016, VirBELA’s sister company eXp Realty has been an early adopter and impressive use case for scalability using VirBELA for a fully-remote workforce. The real estate brokerage has grown from 1,000 agents in early 2016 to over 29,000 currently across the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Australia. This growth has been made possible by their robust private campus, eXp World, which functions as their company headquarters and allows agents from all over the world to collaborate and work together remotely.

This week, eXp World Holdings held their annual shareholder summit, opting to host the event virtually in eXp World. The summit is a four-day event that includes the company’s annual shareholder vote, as well as business updates, a keynote speaker, 75 break out sessions, an expo hall and social activities. The event had an impressive turnout, hosting more than 9,500 people from 27 countries!

eXp World Holdings Chief Legal Counsel Jim Bramble reviews the proposals and voting process for shareholders at their annual summit.

eXp utilized complementary technologies creatively to make the conference more interactive and accessible to all shareholders. The event was live streamed to YouTube using OBS Studio, which was watched by thousands of viewers across the globe. eXp also used Slido, which allowed the audience to vote using live polls and ask the presenters questions during the presentations.

“eXp has been fully virtual since our inception in 2009, so we were uniquely positioned to quickly pivot to a massive virtual event,” said eXp World Holdings Founder and CEO Glenn Sanford. “It is pretty special when you can do an event even better in the virtual world with thousands of our eXp family and friends, share great content and have meaningful, serendipitous collisions throughout the convention center. It was an epic week and I am super stoked to say that eXp is prepared for anything.”

One of the most exciting aspects of the summit was the unveiling of VirBELA’s new conference center, which simulates a large-scale event venue that includes an expo hall complete with exhibitor booths, which are available in multiple sizes within a configurable floor plan. Exhibitors can customize their booth, changing the color by entering a hex code, and brand it with company logos, clickable images and web browsers. The conference center also contains an entrance with a reception desk, private volume areas to socialize or network, and doors leading to auditoriums and break out meeting rooms. The new space will be available soon for VirBELA customers, offering a virtual event experience unlike any other.

Event attendees visit the exhibitor booth for Express Offers, eXp Realty’s instant offer platform.
VirBELA’s new convention center includes customizable exhibitor booths.

The eXp Shareholder Summit is a phenomenal showcase of how VirBELA can be utilized to simulate in-person events remotely. If you’re interested in hosting a conference or any other event, check out the VirBELA Events website to learn more or submit an inquiry.

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eXp World

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