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October 26, 2023

Get Inspired: 15 Metaverse Brand Experiences to Create for Your Company

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In the metaverse, your company’s brand takes on a whole new dimension. If you’re an experiential marketer, you're entrusted with more than just hosting a memorable experience. You craft and nurture your company's brand image with each touchpoint.

The metaverse offers an exciting canvas to showcase your creativity and earn loyalty from audiences and attendees.

Here, we'll share a few ideas for how to work in the metaverse. These ideas are designed for inspiration, so you can lead your company into the future.

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Products and Industry

1. User Conference

Invite users into the metaverse for conferences that reach more people, extend budget and leave a lasting impression.  

2. Expert Panels

Bring audiences into virtual worlds so they can attend expert panels featuring your industry’s greatest minds.

3. Product Reveal

Show the world your latest introductions with interactive reveals that create marketing buzz for your company.

4. Product Expo

Curate a virtual space that spotlights product and service catalogs so potential customers can explore and learn.

5. Product Kick-Offs

Gather teammates in the metaverse for your big project kick-offs and watch as group collaboration fires up.

6. Virtual Trade Show

Showcase products and services, network with industry peers, and monetize booth space in a virtual expo hall.

Culture and Entertainment

7. Music Party

Build culture with well-known DJs and musicians for holidays, company milestones, and other special events.

8. Sporting Events

Encourage everyone with a little healthy competition in virtual athletics like hiking, racing, soccer and speed boating.

9. Award Celebrations

Invite your team to a unique event where leaders can recognize top performers and highlight company wins.

10. Art Gallery

Create a beautiful break area, inspirational meeting space or interactive artist talk in customizable metaverse galleries.

Networking and Collaboration

11. Interactive Storytelling

Share brand narratives, highlight histories, and build belonging in museum-style settings that invite engagement

12. Treasure Hunt

Encourage exploration and team-building with a treasure hunt that draws people into multiple metaverse scenes.

13. Virtual Masterclass

Empower your staff to learn from noted industry leaders with masterclass events that leverage virtual collaboration.

14. Charity Gala

Show your commitment to social responsibility with metaverse events that raise awareness and prompt action.

15. Visitor Headquarters

Create a digital headquarters where teams can welcome clients to discover new technological capabilities.

The metaverse can help marketing and events teams open doors to greater reach, engagement, conversion, and loyalty.

Create the most memorable events your company has experienced and solidify your position as an industry leader.

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