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February 17, 2023

Growth Factors: What Should You Expect When Your Company Joins the Metaverse?

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For many organizations, entering the metaverse is an exciting milestone that defines your company’s evolution. This is a period that matters to your company history. In coming years, staff will mark these moments as a springboard for interactivity, collaboration, scalable growth, and other achievements.

Before you can bring everyone onboard, you’ll do the work of planning, experimenting, and executing. Everyone is looking forward to better work-life balance and improved access to leadership at work—but if you’re in one of those leadership roles, it’s up to you to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible.

One way to do that is to set clear expectations. Here, we’ll share how you can position your company’s growth trajectory to ensure alignment and success.

Prepare for a Transitional Period

A common principle of change management can help get everyone on the same page. The J-curve is a useful model to clarify onboarding expectations with everyone from executives to individual contributors. Simply put, this model indicates that a company experiencing change may experience dips before it experiences spikes in success. These dips aren’t a cause for concern. They’re a signifier of evolution and can be thought of like a spring constricting to build velocity.

Once the dip passes, your organization is likely to see substantial improvement in target areas for growth, like collaboration, transparency, innovation, and go-to-market motions.

This model holds true for many platforms. Your company may go through a period of training, acclimation and additional testing or refining before finding an ideal rhythm that drives business objectives.

Take Advantage of Scalability

In order to maximize the power of the metaverse—and overcome objections to the realities of a J-curve model—it’s important to recognize the exceptional scalability you can now harness, direct and unleash.

There are many ways in which your company might take advantage of scalability:

  • Hiring top talent from new regions to enhance teams
  • Giving everyone their own office for greater productivity
  • Inviting clients to collaborate in realistic workspaces
  • Hosting events and conferences at a fraction of the cost

As you grow into these opportunities, it’s vital to align across functions and teams. Growth can happen very quickly, moving teams to level up in other ways, too. Productivity benchmarks may rise. Innovation may become a core capability, requiring new strategies and tactics.

This is the upward spike you’ve been working towards. Once it starts happening, be sure everyone at your company is ready to do the most with it.

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