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March 22, 2022

Hands In 2022: Five Things You Won’t Want to Miss at Virbela’s User Conference

Join thousands of Virbela users, partners, and futurists for Hands In 2022 on Thursday, March 24 at 8AM PT.
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This Thursday, March 24, Virbela hosts its first-ever user conference, Hands In 2022. 

This free, half-day event will be held in the new Virbela campus, offering attendees the first look at the most advanced enterprise Metaverse available today. 

Join us by registering now. Space is limited. 

Five Things To Check Out

Future of Work Panel

This is the panel that will address all the questions you have about working in the Metaverse. 

Featuring an exceptional lineup of futurists and corporate leaders, the Future of Work dives into what’s on the horizon for companies transitioning their teams into virtual worlds.

Learn more about how to innovate, build engagement, and thrive as your company evolves.

Women in Tech Panel

Discover the ways in which your company can become a leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The Women in Tech panel features corporate leaders who are already forging new paths in the Metaverse.

See how their experiences are creating a stronger workforce for everyone. 

Partner Workshops

A series of workshops, led by companies working in Virbela, reveals best practices for transitioning to virtual worlds, building global community, enhancing work-life balance, and leveraging the technology available today to ensure resilience and growth for the future.

Attend any or all of these workshops and get inspired to lead transformation at your company next.

Art & Social Experiences

An amazing array of virtual community experiences awaits you at Hands In 2022. Featuring the work of cutting-edge artists, these immersive experiences showcase creative uses of technology for fun, entertainment, and engagement.

Check out Diversity Promenade, a tree-lined avenue full of museum-style exhibits that spotlight the contributions women have made in tech and computing from around the world.

Dive into the rich, emotional experience of an extended reality art gallery with NFT work by acclaimed digital artist Trish Gianakis.

After the panels and workshops conclude, make your way to our 10th anniversary party. Virbela celebrates a decade of virtual world achievements with a party featuring music by live DJ Jeremy Sole in a club environment. If you haven’t danced in the Metaverse yet, this is your chance.

The New Virbela Campus

At Hands In 2022, you’ll be one of the first to explore the new Virbela campus. 

Redesigned for co-presence, collaboration, and engagement, the new campus feels like going to work in a beautiful, modern city.

The campus features realistic landscapes, subway stations, enhanced architecture, and surprising spaces, like a pirate ship and a hiking trail that leads to a mountain top.

This is the most advanced Metaverse available for work today. Take a campus tour with our staff during Hands In or wander its expanses independently throughout the event.

The future of work starts here. Register now to join us for Hands In 2022.

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