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November 21, 2023

How HR Teams Can Increase Staff Engagement in the Metaverse

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As human resources teams face evolving challenges, new ways to engage staff can help leaders connect and communicate. For busy teams that help direct and manage a wide variety of events, the metaverse can inject excitement and drive organizational benefits.

In this piece, we’ll provide inspiration for human resources leaders so you can start developing high-engagement events in the metaverse.

HR teams can host a variety of events in the metaverse.

In the metaverse, HR leaders can orchestrate a diverse range of events to revolutionize staff experience and increase engagement.

When it comes to hiring and onboarding, virtual job fairs and immersive onboarding sessions can be conducted, providing a dynamic platform for prospective candidates to explore company culture and values. Virtual interviews in the metaverse can transcend geographical limitations, fostering a more inclusive hiring process. They may also help you seal the deal with top candidates who are attracted to your organization’s innovation and flexibility.

On the onboarding front, HR can organize interactive programs that guide new hires through company processes and culture, facilitating a seamless integration into the organization. These events help staff feel like they belong as early as day one. Social spaces let them get to know each other, while learning about your organization.

Other company-wide events can take on a new dimension in the metaverse, too, transcending the typical confines of one-way video presentations where it’s hard to tell if people are truly engaged or not.

From team-building exercises to conferences to celebrations, the metaverse provides a canvas for creating engaging, interactive, and inclusive experiences. These events can help foster a stronger sense of community and connection among staff across teams and around the world.

Learn how Vodafone _VOIS built community and culture in the metaverse.

Vodafone's foray into the metaverse provides a compelling case study. In a recent social media post, Vodafone's _VOIS division showcased a metaverse-based Pride celebration titled 'Multidimensional Me.' The event aimed to explore diverse identities beyond visible differences, emphasizing the importance of varied perspectives, experiences, and abilities.

Using metaverse technology, participants were invited to delve into their true multidimensional selves through digital avatars. The results were astounding: A 100% Net Promoter Score (NPS) indicated that every attendee would recommend a metaverse DEI event to their peers. Moreover, 89% of participants found the experience to be more exciting, engaging, and able to create a stronger feeling of belonging compared to other virtual connections.

Vodafone's success in the metaverse underlines the potential of this technology to create a safe and inclusive space for staff. By embracing their digital avatars, participants felt a stronger connection to their unique identities, fostering a sense of belonging and excitement that video or presentation-based events often lack.

Explore new ideas for your events with help from Virbela.

The metaverse offers an innovative solution to the perennial challenge of keeping staff engaged with company messages and objectives.

If your HR team is ready to explore hosting metaverse events or training, reach out to Virbela. Our staff is prepared to help you launch events and pilot programs quickly and easily. Email us at

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