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November 30, 2021

Learning & Development in 2022: Expert Leaders Offer a Fresh Perspective

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From orientation to ongoing workplace education, learning and development programs are essential to developing high-performing teams and organizational cultures. 

When should learning and development (L&D) initiatives be reevaluated? On a recent panel, How to Make Your L&D Programs Stand Out in 2022, enterprise leaders addressed the elephant in the room: most organizations have not adapted their L&D strategies to overcome the challenges of today’s workplace. 

Meet Our Panelists: 

  • Frank Furnari - Founder & CEO, VRtuoso

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  • Jan Koster - Innovation Principal, SAP

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  • Teri Jacobs - L&D Design and Development Senior Manager, BDO

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If you missed our panel discussion, you can watch the full video here

Engagement, Retention, and Impact

How can organizations reshape their L&D initiatives in order to meet the challenges of 2022 and beyond? Innovation Principal of SAP, Jan Koster, believes companies must learn to deliver an L&D experience, rather than a presentation. 

Companies are learning how to adapt to changing "normals" as they discover the best practices for their employees. Allowing the idea that e-learning may serve to be more effective in conveying overall messages and increasing retention and engagement.

According to VRtuoso Founder & CEO, Frank Furnari, stimulating experiences help users retain up to 90% more than traditional learning methods. Just for a moment, think back on the latest slide-show presentation on learning and development. What can you remember? 

Immersive virtual environments, such as Virbela, empower the hands-on approach. Teri Jacobs, L&D Senior Manager for BDO, recognizes that clients are looking for something new and engaging. 

The Solution

At the core of effective learning and development programs should be the people. The ability to learn from each other is often underestimated, Jacobs explains. Looking ahead, what can we expect?

Customizing the programming to the needs of participants enables self-paced learning while promoting social connections. Koster shares the emphasis placed on encouraging participants to apply a growth mindset and pushing themselves out of their comfort zone. 

Rather than using traditional learning methods, consumers want to find an alternative that facilitates career and organizational advancement. 

As far as Furnari is concerned, the Metaverse and VR have been around for quite some time. Providing immersive experiences are important for companies to stay competitive, and technology will become an integral part of learning and development.

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