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November 23, 2020

New Look, Same Virbela

We’re thrilled to introduce our new logo and website, which is the result of a months-long effort to develop a look and feel that better represents what Virbela is today.
Kaitlyn Olsson
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Today is a very exciting day at Virbela.

Throughout 2020, we’ve seen phenomenal growth in product demand and a sharp increase in new users around the world. We've expanded from mostly enterprise and education clients to the world of virtual events. In addition to our team growing from 20 to over 130 people, we’ve also launched and scaled several new products including improved collaboration tools and new virtual environments like a realistic expo hall, concert stages and an epic music venue. 

Needless to say, we’re ushering in a new chapter in our company’s story.

We’re thrilled to introduce our new logo and website, which is the result of a months-long effort to develop a look and feel that better represents what Virbela is today -- a growing and thriving company that is transforming the way people connect and collaborate remotely.

Say hello to our new logo.

Our previous logo will always hold a special place in our hearts. It’s part of our history, and we wanted to pay homage to it as we developed our new look and feel. It takes the primary colors of the digital world (red, green and blue) and swirls them in a wave-like pattern that represents a Virbela fountain -- a type of fountain where separate pools of water flow into each other.

We used these concepts to create the new logo, which incorporates similar colors and waveforms, while reflecting a lighter, modern font and a dimensional globe, representing the 3D worlds we build. It represents our vision for the future and what’s to come.

As you might have noticed, we also updated the capitalization in the written form of our company name, from “VirBELA” to “Virbela.” Not only does this change improve the legibility of our name, it also lends a more modern look that complements the new logo.

Our new logo reflects what makes us unique, differentiates us in the marketplace, and ultimately, sets us up for the next phase of our growth. We couldn’t be more excited for what the future holds!

Our new website

To go along with our brand refresh, today we’re also introducing a new 

Our new website reflects the vibrant and playful nature that is inherent to Virbela. To achieve this, we implemented a new color scheme that incorporates bright gradients and waved forms that bring each page to life. 

The new website lays out our products and benefits to the world of remote work, learning and events. In today’s climate, remote human connection is more important than ever, and Virbela offers a solution for teammates, classmates and people from around the world to connect and collaborate in a way that is authentic, safe and fun. 

We hope you love our new brand as much as we do and take some time to visit our new website as we continue to transform the way people connect and collaborate in an increasingly remote world.

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