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November 6, 2020

VIVE Campus from Virbela and HTC Brings Remote Work Environments to Life

The partnership between Virbela and HTC VIVE enriches the virtual experience for a new take on work life.
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As more companies enter virtual worlds, their unique needs are shaping platform evolution. With that in mind, a partnership between Virbela and HTC VIVE enriches the virtual experience for a new take on work life. VIVE’s new XR Suite features VIVE Campus, a virtual world in Virbela where companies can maintain office space, work collaboratively across organizations, and attend events. 

Here, explore the technology to see how remote work environments can become as realistic and productive as face-to-face.

VIVE Campus

Companies around the world are in search of  broad-scale remote work solutions. Social distancing is a driving force, but, even earlier, enterprise companies were hiring based on talent over location. The result is a distributed workforce that centers on corporate objectives, client projects, and shared experience. 

Solutions that extend reality while mixing with everyday tech—like websites, PDFs, or Google Drive apps—are at the forefront of this demand. With spaces that surpass traditional offices and amaze even the innovators on the team, VIVE Campus brings the best talent together in a stunning space.

Staff, vendors, visitors, and clients can meet in VIVE Campus just like they would meet in a physical office space. And just like the office, virtual worlds feature various configurations and applications to meet ongoing needs. 

Brainstorm in meeting rooms, create breakout groups for employees, present in an auditorium, or socialize in a customized concert hall, beach scene, and sports arena. Within each space, private sound areas allow for sidebar conversations, while everyday interaction continues across campus spaces.

Virtual Hardware

To access VIVE Campus and the XR Suite, users don HTC VIVE headsets. Then, work, networking, or social gatherings can commence from anywhere. The headsets have been available to use with Virbela’s virtual worlds since earlier this year, but, now, the XR Suite fosters rich layers of collaboration that mirror real-world interactions.

Users can still access business networking, creativity, and productivity features of the application bundle using common devices, like PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. 

VR headsets enhance the experience via immersive sound, sights, and spatial fields. Among headsets, HTC VIVE options are comfortable, easy to wear, and easy to remove. They’re built to accommodate eyeglasses, minimize wearables-related fatigue, and can be cleaned easily for high use on a daily basis. 

The combination of superlative technology and thoughtful wearables design aligns with Virbela’s immersive platform features. It’s this mix that defines VIVE Campus, so that companies can continue to optimize their virtual worlds for engagement and productivity.

Learn more about the VIVE XR Suite or check out the Virbela Open Campus from any device.

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