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With Virbela, The Honor Foundation was ready to scale their unique professional development program and help people successfully transition from military to civilian life.
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Lives Impacted

Limited by location and course capacity

The Honor Foundation is the world’s first transition readiness institute, helping U.S. Navy Seals, Army Special Ops Command, and other military groups transition to civilian careers. Their work is invaluable. Honor Foundation mentors work with individuals on a one-on-one and group basis to harness existing skills and training as the bedrock of professional development.
Success drives demand, and demand for The Honor Foundation’s program soon exceeded the in-person course and campus capacity limits – not to mention the challenge of access for a military community spread across the world. They found their solution with Virbela, going from packed physical classrooms to a virtual learning environment that was just as social, had limitless capacity, and could be accessed anywhere, at any time.
“This platform is truly remarkable and enables THF to reach fellows truly deserving of the process. I'm honored to be a part of this learning adventure. #thefutureisnow”
Zachary Rivera |
The Honor Foundation Student

World-class transition training delivered in-world, worldwide

Interaction between mentors and trainees is vital to The Honor Foundation’s programs. Real-time, natural, two-way human interactions build trust and aid progress. A remote learning environment which empowered that same trust to thrive was therefore essential. And that’s exactly what Virbela delivered.
The Honor Foundation’s virtual world was an extension of their physical campus. From classrooms to presentation halls, social spaces to individually designed interview rooms to group activity areas, The Honor Foundation had a tailored virtual world ready to scale their operation.

The Honor Foundation scales to impact 65,000 lives

The Honor Foundation has four full virtual campuses, each dedicated to a specialist area of professional development and training. The freedom, personalization, and control provided by their Virbela virtual world has meant the kind of program scale-up  that would have proved impossible in the real world. The result: upwards of 65,000 Special Operations individuals are now benefitting from The Honor Foundation globally, every year. That’s 65,000 lives ready to reach their full potential, through Virbela.

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