Conceive. Create. Evaluate.

We're with you every step of the way. Our diverse team of designers, engineers, and artists can create anything from digital duplicates of proprietary tools to fully immersive, multi-user training scenarios.


Whether you're targeting desktop, mobile, virtual reality, or any other platform, we have you covered with deep user interface expertise.


VirBELA is comprised of learning specialists, organization psychologists, developers, artists, and instructional designers. We bring it all to the table.


We have particular expertise with multi-user immersive experiences and creating software that brings people together online.


We create solutions that can be used by organizations who operate at a vast scale. This means you can achieve hundreds of simultaneous users in a multi-user environment, for example, and deploy worldwide.


No matter the art style you're aiming for, we have top-notch artists on our team who can digitally recreate real-life assets, produce high-quality photogrammetry, or create beautiful, abstract styles and visuals.

Support + Training

We make sure your organization knows how to deploy and use any solution we deliver. This means documentation, training, and ongoing support.

The Process

We can work with you from the ideation phase all the way on to creation, testing, production, delivery, and ongoing support.

1. Program Consultation

Our team of learning designers and organizational psychologist begin by working closely with you to understand your current training needs and identify your key learning objectives.

We then perform an in-depth analysis of your organization's skill gaps and conceptualize an engaging learning experience to meet your training needs and provide lasting value to your organization.

Finally, we construct timelines, cost projections, and implementation strategies to help you accurately integrate our solutions into your current training and development program.


2. Learning Design

After conceptualizing your learning experience, we utilize a combination of design-based research methods to identify the educational frameworks and learning theories most appropriate for your training content, your learning objective, and your team.

Next, our learning designers and organizational psychologists collaborate with our 3d artists and simulation engineers to translate your training program into a 3-dimensional learning experience that will engage, inspire, and educate your team.


3. Experience Engineering

To optimize the effectiveness of your learning experience, our simulation engineers begin by customizing every aspect of the 3D simulation, from the learning environment to the instructional and training activities that take place during the simulation.

Our 3d artists craft original, interactive digital assets, tailored to your teams learning objectivesand designed to fully immerse you in the learning experience.


4. Optimization + Support

Once your new training solution has been fully implemented, our tech support staff will provide user guides and troubleshooting documentation, but will also remain available to assist with any technical issues you may encounter.

After a thorough testing phase, our team of support specialist will ensure your new training program integrates seamlessly with your current systems and assist you in overcoming any technical difficulties.