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A virtual education campus built to bring students, faculty, and staff closer together.
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Create An Immersive And Socially Connected Remote Learning Environment.

Virbela enables schools and universities to build a unique virtual campus where students can learn, socialize, meet with faculty, and attend events in familiar surrounds.

The Leading Virtual World Built To Solve The
Challenges Of Remote Learning

Increase Student Engagement and Retention
Your virtual classrooms are designed to immerse students in their learning environment and improve online course outcomes through greater engagement.
Help Students Socialize And Build Relationships With Peers & Faculty
Getting to properly know your peers is one of the most valuable parts of school. Students can have personal conversations and vital social interactions in Virbela.
Build A Sense Of Community And Culture For Your Online Programs
Students can explore your virtual campus, attend events, and feel a part of the learning experience.
Drive Higher Course Participation And Satisfaction
Students are more engaged and enjoy higher course satisfaction in our virtual environments, compared to video alone.

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Tomorrow’s Virtual Classroom Ready For Today’s Students.

Customizable Campus
Easily upload your school’s logo, posters, and mascots throughout your campus. Work with our team to customize 3D environments to match your real-life campus.
Enterprise-Grade Security
No conversations are collected or stored and we operate advanced security systems, with regular safety and compliance testing. Your security and privacy are paramount.
Display Human Emotions
Humans connect with humans, and your avatar can display human emotions and expressions to build rapport with others and have fun, too. From laughing to thinking to clapping, and more.
Spatialized Voice
Speech gets louder as you approach people and quieter as you walk away. Sensitive acoustics are great for privacy and presentations.
Breakout Groups
Create private volume areas and spaces to allow breakout groups for your students.
Real-Life Presentation Tools
Easily present slides or websites, share your screen, stream a video, use a laser pointer or put up sticky notes.

Presentation Tools That
Bring Education To Life

Everything your faculty needs to create immersive, interactive lessons and learning experiences.
  • Present slides, PDFs, and documents
  • Share your screen or webcam
  • Interactive whiteboards and sticky notes
  • Show any software that runs in a web browser

Create A Fun And Engaging
Learning Experience.

Explore the campus, play a game, drive a speedboat, and do a little dance. Just because it’s online, doesn’t mean it’s boring.

Let Your Students Show
Their Personality

Personalize and dress your avatar, do a dance, high-five, or come in for a huddle. Avatars are as expressive and animated as your students.

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Brian Miller
Davenport's Global Campus Dean
We want to try to make sure we are in front of the curve. What really makes a school is a sense of place. That's missing in most online learning programs.”
Cynthia Hanson
Director Of Strategic
Innovation & Educational
Technology, UCSD
“Virbela’s virtual offices promote business growth and foster collaboration in a creative environment that was ideal for our needs.”

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