Why Team Suites?

Remote work is the future, but....

Remote workers often feel isolated, and remote teams can lack a sense of togetherness, community, and shared space. This doesn't just affect the quality of meetings. It also makes it difficult to have the kinds of casual, informal interactions that build real bonds between teammates.

Team Suites provide an "always-on" 3D environment that gives any online group a way to collaborate + chat in a way that feels:

- more personal than a text chat
- more powerful than a video call
- more engaging than both

What are Team Suites?

Team Suites are always-on collaboration spaces that help remote teams come together, feel together, and work together from anywhere.

Spatialized Voice + Text Chat

Hear who you're close to, and use text chat to share text, emojis 👍, or files. Hundreds of simultaneous users at once.

Common Areas + Breakout Spaces

Team Suites are designed to facilitate large team meetings but also smaller group breakouts.


Add your own branding with logos/images, and customize the layout of the space.

Display Content

Use Web Screens to display web sites, upload files, or share your screen with others in your Team Suite.

Admin Dashboard

Manage permissions/roles for users of your Team Suite and get basic analytics.

Support + Training

Every Team Suite gets an onboarding session and ongoing support to help you make the most of it.


Rather explore on your own? Download and enter the Open Campus, click "Go To" in the top left, and go to the VirBELA Main Office.

VirBELA Pricing

  • Open Campus is a free, versatile 3D world that fosters a community interested in the future of collaboration. Join us.
  • Team Suites are private, 3D collaboration spaces in the Open Campus for organizations who need privacy and administrative controls.
  • Enterprise is for organizations operating at a large scale who need a dedicated campus, custom features/designs, and enterprise level support.

Open Campus


Public, immersive environment shared by the Open Campus community.
Gorgeous, spacious 3D campus.
A variety of environments suited for large events, small meetings, online classes, or just exploring.
Presenter Tools
Access to Open Campus Events

Team Suite

starts at $100/month

All Open Campus Features.
Dedicated, private suite in the Open Campus for teams of any size.
Admin Dashboard with permissions management for your Team Suite.
Basic design customization and configuration of your space.
Silver Support.


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Dedicated campus that can handle up to 500 users at once - or more.
Admin Dashboard with permissions management for your Private Campus.
Custom branding / 3D design work.
Custom features / API integrations.
Gold Support.