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June 7, 2022

10 Virtual Places to Meet, Concentrate or Hide During Work

In Virbela's Open Campus, tens of thousands of employees can work at once, but when you want to break away, it’s nice to have options. Like a cabin in the sky or a waterfall cave.
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In the most advanced virtual offices, tens of thousands of employees can work at once. Most of the time, this is amazing. Everyone can stay remote and enjoy that sweet work-life balance, while still collaborating organically. Other times, you need to break away from your team and carve out space for a select few—or yourself. 

No matter what you’re working on, we’ve got just the place. Get inspired, talk about ideas, hammer out solutions, and let your brain recharge. 


Want to check out these places now? Download Open Campus to explore, talk to people, teleport, and more. Use the Go-To menu and map to teleport to these spots.


The Aquarium

This chill spot is perfect for when all you want to hear is the blub-blub of the deep sea. Pop in here on your own for a few minutes of feeling like you’re living inside your favorite screensaver. The notifications can’t get you in here (OK, they can, but you can turn them off for a second and vibe).

Binocular Skyview

Cleaner than putting your face up to one of those public binoculars at tourist spots, the Binocular Skyview spins your vision out for an aerial view of Open Campus. Look at the beautiful rainbow reflection on the water. To get here, just turn around when you enter Virbela. The binoculars are behind you. 

Mountain Summit

Imagine an office full of trails through mountain, woods, and lake scenes. Hike up to the top of the mountain to see the entirety of Open Campus in all directions. Come up here to brainstorm your company’s next big wins and to celebrate once you achieve them.  

Outer Lake

Take the 11 subway station to Outer Lake. This is an amazing spot for group meetings where everyone can feel free to contribute. Hold monthly or quarterly business reviews up here for a unique way to engage teams. Run workshops where staff contribute ideas for innovation. A rippling lake and lots of trees makes this place unlike anywhere else you work.

Pavillion Cafe

Grab coffee with colleagues in the Pavillion Cafe. Located just behind the Pavillion, this cafe features seating with private audio so you can chat in confidence without disruption. Need a laugh? Read the posters when you get in there. 

Rock Graffiti

Not that you would ever vandalize anything at work, but why is it so satisfying to see graffiti on the job? Head over to the rocks by the waterfall. You can take the 7 subway station. Then, duck in and out of the large boulders and see who was there before you. 

Rooftop Elevator

Take your company to the top. The Auditorium is made for huge groups of people, but the rooftop feels a little more exclusive. After a major presentation, skip around the back of the building and take the elevator to the rooftop. Once you’re there, you can field questions, hear feedback, and get ready for next steps.  

Virbela Maze

Enter the Virbela Maze. Head in a few different directions, hit a dead end or two, pivot as needed, and find the right path to experience the glory of overcoming a challenge. It’s a metaphor, you know? For all the solutions you’re going to develop to serve your market. 


Bring your core team up to the Watchtower to inspire great thoughts. This cabin in the sky is at the remote edge of Open Campus so your team will feel like you went somewhere together. Talk about ongoing challenges, next steps, big plans, and more. Find this spot just past the forest campsite–another great place to commune and chat.

Waterfall Cave

It’s OK to go rogue sometimes. It’s the only way companies can disrupt industries. Run behind the waterfall. Enter a deep cave with a river running through it. Meditate on how to drown your competition with your breakthrough ideas. 

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