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June 1, 2019

With Scalability, Close to 1K Attend a Virtual Auditorium Conference with More Possible

Scalable features, like spatialized or flat voices, combine with avatar-based interaction to create mega-events that feel real at manageable costs.
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Hosting an event for a thousand employees is usually an undertaking. In person, event planning eats up funds. Over video, it’s hard to go beyond one person at a time speaking at an audience. In comparison, virtual platforms let important meetings feel big by including familiar presentation styles and networking, while minimizing expense.

At a recent event held by EXP Realty, 916 attendees participated in a training seminar in the company’s virtual campus auditorium. The company has 20,000 agents across North America and uses VirBELA daily for meetings, training, networking, and more.

Theater Presentations 

An auditorium emphasizes sensory experiences that most people recognize as unique to the setting. In virtual worlds, these cues are integrated just as they are in real life.

  • Sound travels. Attendees can hear those close to them, but if they walk away, voices fade, a feature known as spatialized voice.
  • Presenters take over. In auditoriums, the presenter toggles the setting to a flat voice that can be heard equally by everyone—almost 1,000 at the EXP seminar or many more at larger events.
  • Attendees sense scale. Since users engage as avatars, anyone can see the others present by walking, standing, or turning their heads. 
  • Multimedia enriches talks. Web browsers, PDFs, video, and more immerse users in memorable experiences.

There are even ways in which a virtual auditorium beats the real thing. Presenters can see raised hands for questions or comments from any row. If anyone needs to break out, private zones create sound bubbles for conversations that don’t interrupt the meeting.

Wider Audiences

Since everything in virtual worlds can be scaled, meeting leaders can build upon current presentation formats with ease. The platform supports any size gathering.

For instance, with more than 900 people in a room, users can change individual settings for the best experience on whichever of the compatible devices or operating systems they choose.

As companies grow in size and geography, scalability helps to manage operational complexity and reduce associated costs. 

See more of how VirBELA creates realistic virtual environments for meetings or day-to-day with a personal tour.

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