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January 18, 2023

Which Teams Work Best in the Metaverse?

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As companies prepare to take their first steps in the Metaverse, leaders may start by focusing on a specific effort, like recruiting or a conference. But just as important as what you do in the #metaverse is who you choose to lead the way.

You may find that many teams across geographies want to be the first to join your company’s virtual workspace. The opportunity for global collaboration can position individuals at the forefront of innovation and drive careers forward. Plus, the work-life balance is nearly impossible to beat.

Executives may decide which teams spearhead virtual initiatives based on a number of business factors. Here are three things to consider as you plan who should pilot your Metaverse launch:

Which team will accelerate company objectives the most?

You can determine which teams can accelerate company objectives in the Metaverse with a combination of two approaches.

First, the right team aligns with your programmatic objectives for adopting the Metaverse. For example, you might plan to manage talent needs in the Metaverse because it allows members of your talent team to collaborate ahead of interviews, while letting candidates make presentations and have conversations with many people in a setting that feels like a boardroom.

In this case, one choice could be to bring the whole talent team into the Metaverse at once. But if your company structure were more complex, you might decide to choose an executive hiring team that selects higher-value candidates, because their work moves the company forward in more important ways.

Another way to decide which team enters the Metaverse first is to conduct a gap analysis. Identify where your company has unmet needs or opportunities and fill them by transitioning the appropriate teams into a virtual workspace.

An example of this scenario could be a consulting firm that works across industries, but wants to capture more business in the retail sector. The typical–and expensive–way to land these deals would be to have consultants travel to meet clients, so that multiple people could build trust by reviewing complex topics like purchasing, inventory, and logistics in the same office.

But you could also send your retail consulting team into the Metaverse to develop new business. Teams that work with other client categories could follow once you discover best practices.  

Which team shows the greatest agility with new priorities?

While assessing fit for a Metaverse launch, look beyond the team as a whole and focus on individual contributions and characteristics. Discover how each staff member participates in meeting goals and how their style may apply in an environment where there may be new ways of working.

Overall, the Metaverse is easy to adopt. Virbela workspaces are designed to feel like typical offices. Meeting venues include auditoriums, boardrooms and creative spaces like theaters and nightclub scenes. Common areas mirror real life settings, like cafes, galleries, and green spaces.

Nearly everyone is able to achieve or surpass their current productivity levels quickly, but some teams may be more practiced in agility than others. Gauge individual technical skills, develop your team leaders’ remote management skills, and plan to document successes and lessons learned.

Which team presents the lowest risk levels to your company?

Companies are designing new Metaverse programs in order to discover opportunity, create efficiencies and increase revenue. The scope of growth potential may be unknown to everyone. As virtual reality advances, major companies may be able to develop business opportunities that don’t even exist yet.

At the same time, there are risks associated with any new program. Choose the teams that show a strong understanding of risk assessment and management principles. Talk to team leaders and individual contributors about lean production processes, regular monitoring, and continuous improvements.

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