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January 28, 2022

A Day in the Life Working in the Metaverse

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Working from home has become fairly common in the last few years, leaving many remote employees to use video calls or group messaging systems as their only means of communication. But have you ever wondered what it's like to work from a virtual world in the Metaverse? 


Michael Valdes, President of eXp Global, leads international expansion at eXp Realty, a global real estate brokerage with over 73,000 agents working entirely from a virtual world. Since joining eXp, Michael and his team have launched more than 15 new countries and have plans to expand into the Dominican Republic, Greece, and New Zealand in the first quarter of 2022. The most surprising aspect of his job? He has opened each new country without stepping foot on a plane. 


From broker meetings to team building activities, take a peek into Michael’s “typical” day working in the Metaverse! 

5:00 am: Wake up and workout. I like to use this time to prepare for the day and set my priorities before heading into my home office. I have found that having a dedicated work area allows me to stay more focused throughout the day. 

7:00 am: Now that eXp is active in 18 countries around the world, we operate in every time zone. I start meetings early with our brokers and agents in Asia. Typically, I log into eXp World around 7 am Eastern time for my first meeting and am greeted by a member of our campus support team. On the way to my office, I usually run into other members of the eXp Global team in the halls of our Main Office. 

9:00 am: Next, I meet with our teams in Europe, the Middle East, India, and Africa. Our global partners all log into eXp World daily to collaborate. I love that we can connect to each other from anywhere in the world and feel like we are together in the same space.

12:00 pm: Even though most of my work-day is filled with meetings, I always make sure to close my laptop and make time for lunch. I have found that working from eXp World has allowed me to become even more productive than when I worked in a typical office setting, while still enjoying the atmosphere of inclusivity across the globe. 

1:00 pm: My afternoons are usually filled with our eXp Global team meetings, prospect calls, or our eXp Global Update meeting. Each month, eXp Leaders and agents from all over the world meet in the eXp World Auditorium for updates on all of the exciting projects we have in the works. 

Fun fact: Each time we launch a new country, we add their flag into our auditorium so that everyone is represented. Virbela also supports thirteen different languages within their virtual worlds, so as we create new Metaverse campuses for each country, agents can select the languages they speak as their default setting. 

5:00 pm: As my day winds down, I like to check back in with our APAC brokers to run through any action-items and make sure they have the support needed before I sign off for the day. Supporting our in-country leaders is a big part of my daily responsibilities, as they are responsible for the operations and agent services for their designated region. 

To learn more about working in the Metaverse follow along on LinkedIn. Interested in working in the Metaverse yourself? Take a look at our open positions!

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