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May 5, 2022

The Mind Gym Is Designed for Anyone to Explore Their Mental Health in VR

Organizations are changing how they approach mental wellness. In the new Virbela Mind Gym, feel-good brain exercises help companies empower staff to explore their mental health.
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As companies transition to virtual offices, employee wellness can become much easier to support. The work-life balance afforded to staff is often cited as a major reason for going remote. Happy staff are more productive and stick around longer. 

In virtual worlds, companies can optimize how they help staff strengthen their mental health. This month, Virbela launches the Mind Gym, an interactive fitness space that concentrates on different types of brain training. Anyone can check it out by entering Virbela’s Open Campus and teleporting to the Mind Gym. 

Teleport to the Mind Gym Download Virbela to enter Open Campus. Once you’re in, use the Go-To menu in the upper left and click on Mind Gym to teleport.

Taking Care of Wellness 

Alongside the transition to remote work, organizations are changing how they think about mental health. While mental health attention was once reserved for crises or at least near-crises, now it’s more commonplace to provide earlier attention. 

At Virbela, community leaders are inspired by the philosophy of Mental Health America: You wouldn’t wait until cancer reaches Stage 4 to treat it. Mental health isn’t a last minute matter, either. 

“We’re approaching mental health upfront by supporting healthy minds for all, especially in shared spaces like work,” shares Virbela VP of Community Sarah Segrest. “The Mind Gym is a place where minds of all abilities can work on their individual needs. Just like a physical gym, there are a variety of exercises, equipment, and approaches. We’re all there to accomplish the same thing: better mental health.”

The Mind Gym makes space for wellness as part of the work day. Part mental boost, part brain break, the community space is designed like an old-school gym. Workout stations mirror the way weight equipment is typically set up inside a fitness center. In this case, each station features a screen with a video, activity, or game. 

Working Out in the Mind Gym

Explore Mind Gym stations by section or wander freely, popping in and out of stations to see which exercises appeal to you the most. The stations are soundproof, so that you can focus on what’s in front of you without distraction. 

Check out different activity types to make the most of the Mind Gym:

Warm up with stations on executive functioning. Your executive function is like the CEO of your brain, comprising the skills you use to navigate daily life. Positive executive functions include focusing, regulating emotions, and making complex decisions. 

Train your brain by learning about mental economy gyms and how neurofeedback can help you develop your mind. Test your skills with introductory racing games, increasing in challenge as you go. Wrap up with a Stroop Test, a well-known cognition test. Try neuroplasticity exercises to reshape your physical brain.

Build your memory with a series of increasingly challenging, interactive memory games. Do an entire circuit before taking a non-diagnostic mental health test to check your wellness.  

Wind down your workout with relaxing videos, visuals, sounds and meditations. Listen to a Hidden Brain podcast or finish up with a sound bath in a chill spot within the Mind Gym.

Take a Gym Selfie Want to face the camera for a selfie in VIrbela? In the menu in the upper left corner, click your name and select View Avatar. Use your browser’s screen capture and tag us on social media with #Virbela.

Download Virbela now to visit the Mind Gym. For more on virtual tech and remote work, follow Virbela on LinkedIn.

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The Mind Gym Is Designed for Anyone to Explore Their Mental Health in VR
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