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March 4, 2021

A New Support Center Brings Walk-Up Services into Virtual Worlds

The virtual version of a walk-up window or service department lets organizations add efficiency and fun to everyday service requests.
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As organizations continue moving into virtual worlds, building out a custom campus extends the benefits of remote offices to all services. Streamlining for time and cost can become fully real-time with the addition of the new Virbela Support Center.

The Support Center is the virtual version of a walk-up service department that makes it easy to get help in a virtual world. The space is an annex to your Virbela Private Campus, so naming, signage, and design features reflect your organization’s culture and branding.

Provide staff with IT or payroll support at a large company or chat individually with candidates from interview pools. Offer orientation consultations to new students at a university or grab a couple seats to review schedules or records on the fly.    

With up to 40 service tables, the Support Center dispenses numbered tickets to organize staff workflows and optimize wait times for visitors.

  • Take care of internal or customer populations on the fly.
  • Add structure and efficiency to non-appointment services.
  • Create a relaxed environment for effective issue resolution.
  • Maintain confidentiality while working through ticket lines.

Each service table is surrounded by a sound barrier that kills background noise and keeps conversations private. Anyone who’s ever been in a crowded customer service line knows that minimal disruption makes the experience more comfortable for everyone. 

For fuller privacy, Virbela admins can add a force field around service tables that prevents others from entering the service area. Individual offices and a boardroom connect to the main service area, too, so managers or department heads can work or meet.

At the front of the Support Center, a reception desk offers a landing pad for visitors entering the space. A staff member can answer general questions or guide visitors to use ticketing machines.

Depending on the Support Center’s use, up to three ticketing machines can be assigned to different sections of the room. Divided ticketing can help manage long lines or direct visitors  to the specific support department they need.

Once visitors grab a ticket, their avatar can leave the Support Center to explore campus, hang out in common areas, or head to social spots, like the beach or soccer field. When it’s their turn, service staff automatically teleport them to the service table for consultation or  issue resolution.

Service staff have their own spaces in the Support Center, too. Connected offices let managers stay close to the service floor, while adjacent boardrooms provide a more open meeting area for groups larger than four. By offering customizable space that companies can use multiple ways, the Support Center empowers organizations to make the most of their virtual worlds.

To demo the Support Center in Open Campus: Go To>Demo>Demo Support Center. If you’d like to add the Support Center to your Private Campus, please work with your account team or contact

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