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August 17, 2022

Working in the Metaverse Keeps Fujitsu in Front of New Tech

Fujitsu hosts its Human Resources kickoff meeting in Virbela. By building its Metaverse muscle early, the company can innovate for its customers and advance its market position.
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That’s how Fujitsu, the largest IT provider in Japan and tenth largest in the world, is able to optimize their use of the Metaverse. At a recent human resources kickoff conference, the company’s teams reviewed financial year performance, collaborated in breakout sessions, and explored their virtual campus during team-building activities.

“Being in a virtual world together allowed for the human touch and felt almost like actually seeing each other,” says Katrin Metzer, Role at Fujitsu, in a recent LinkedIn post. “And, for us in HR to accompany the digital transformation of Fujitsu, it is key that we try out new technology ourselves, stay curious, and build our digital muscle.”

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Moving IT into XR

As an innovator since 1935, Fujitsu stays at the forefront of emerging technology. With product milestones in categories from telephones to semiconductors, the company’s foray into XR represents its next generation of evolution.

Virbela helped Fujitsu ensure its HR kickoff combined a sharp focus on business metrics and the rest of the year’s financial outlook with just enough fun to keep everyone inspired.

An auditorium presentation gave larger groups the opportunity to watch slides and video, including webcam appearances that integrate people in their real-life environments. With theater seating, a stage, dimmable lights, and microphone control, it’s easy to replicate the experience of an on-site event for staff anywhere in the world.

Within the common areas of their campus, Fujitsu held breakout sessions and made space for casual interactions. This allows the kind of unstructured conversation that lets people digest and expand the takeaways from more formalized presentations.

Conversations can be held in private audio areas, so people passing by don’t distract you from the discussion. Outside private audio areas, spatial audio fades and rises, giving sound a real-world quality—the closer you get, the louder sound becomes.

Building Teamwork Together

Fujitsu creates a sense of belonging for their staff with a branded campus. Their virtual world isn’t an exact digital twin. The company has locations all over the world, so their virtual world is designed to appeal to staff globally. 

A soccer field has branded assets within the turf. Office towers feature logo flags. Fujitsu is always advancing their products and solutions, but it maintains corporate culture with recognizable touches around campus and at events.

A new setting like Virbela empowers Fujitsu to stay competitive in a rapidly changing world. Its dedication to exploring the Metaverse prepares staff to continue innovating for customers well into the future.

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