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April 7, 2022

A New Virtual Community Center Helps Inspire Positive Climate Action

The new Virbela Community Center opens an interactive exhibit, the Virbela EcoChallenge. Anyone can drop into Open Campus to wander the space, watch videos, and take action.
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Most companies have some sort of climate initiative. A curated exhibit in the new Virbela Community Center can help take your efforts further, presenting additional solutions for organizations to explore and unearthing surprising findings, like a substantial connection between educating girls and minimizing carbon emissions. 

Accessible to anyone via Open Campus, the Virbela EcoChallenge runs in the Community Center through April. With 36 exhibit rooms, on topics from reforestation to bioplastics, it’s easy to go alone or with a group and spend an hour or more here. Look at digital art, click on videos, and learn about climate-friendly ideas like wind turbines or silvopasture (that’s when livestock graze among trees.)

For anyone inspired to act immediately, you can sign up for the Virbela EcoChallenge while in the Community Center and start tracking the positive impact of your actions with a team. A leaderboard lets you see how your actions compare to other teams over time.

Some companies, leading in the transition to virtual work spaces, have already formed their teams, so this is a simple way to build your network in the Metaverse, too. 

Teleport to the EcoChallenge: Download Virbela to enter Open Campus. Once you’re in, use the Go-To menu in the upper left and click on Community Center to teleport.

How to Explore the EcoChallenge

Once you’re in the Virbela Community Center, you can explore the EcoChallenge experience however you like. Pop into rooms to learn about climate solutions, watch videos, and interact with web boards. Step into private volume areas, inside the bright blue lines on the floor, to experience soundproofed conversation with colleagues.

While you’re in the Community Center, you can take screen captures of yourself and any of your team. That way, you can look back on the experience and share it across your company to get more people to join you in positive climate action.

Tag Virbela in Your Selfies: Want to face the camera for a selfie? In the menu in the upper left corner, click your name and select View Avatar. Use your browser’s screen capture and tag us on social media with #VirbelaEcoChallenge.

If you’ve only got a few minutes to explore, some highlights include the Educating Girls exhibit, featuring Project Drawdown efforts and the excellent TED talk from writer and environmentalist Katharine Wilkinson. In the talk, Wilkinson shares how equity for women and girls can help stop global warming.

On the way out, stop into the Climate Anxiety room. This is your basic chill spot, featuring swirly images of Earth, virtual plants, and empowering music. It’s designed to combat the real feelings we all have when we hear about climate impact, but it’s also there to help you ground down and feel the power of the present, so you can take positive action on climate change. 

Download Virbela now to visit the Community Center for virtual events and exhibits every month. For more, follow Virbela on LinkedIn.

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