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September 13, 2021

A Quick Guide to Presentation Tools in the Classroom

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For anyone kicking off class in a virtual classroom this year, use these tools to bring lessons to life. Or, if you’re in a physical classroom, sign up for Virbela to enter our Open Campus and play with these tools on your own. 

Lectures and Questions

If you’re in Virbela, you’ve probably already got the hang of how to speak from the front of the class and interact with your students. Here’s a quick refresher:

Speak: Make sure your mic is on and speak naturally. If you’re on mute, turn the mic back on or press the 1 key on your keyboard.

Move Around: Use arrows or your mouse to walk.

Sit: Point to a seat and click to sit. 

Gesture: Open the menu to gesture or use the keyboard shortcuts.

Presenting to the Class

Share knowledge with presentation tools that feel like the real thing, only better. 

Web Board: Also known as the presentation board, you can use the web board similar to a web browser; display presentations, graphics, web pages, videos, screen shares, or share a web camera.

Click on the board and use the address bar like you would in a web browser.

Web Board Features: Bookmark, File Upload, Screen Share, Webcam

For full tutorials, check out Virbela Support:

Presentation Screen Overview and Tools

Tips For Presenting

Preparing Presentation Materials

Presentation Screen Tools

Pointer: This one is super-fun. It’s basically a laser pointer that you can use to highlight places on the web board while teaching. Spotlight a specific element in a formula, indicate text to focus on, and keep students’ attention with a glowing beam.

Learning and Note Taking

Any of your favorite note-taking apps work alongside Virbela. Students can use popular apps like Google Docs or write by hand on paper or tablets.

Sticky Notes: Create big, floating notes anywhere in Virbela. These can act like flyers, reminders, posters, and more. Color-code them for customized communication.

Customize Your Classroom

With plenty of configuration options for in-room layout and design, you can command the classroom in more ways than one. Using the tools that reveal the layers in your lessons makes teaching more rewarding than ever.

To start using your own Virbela classroom, reach out to You can also sign up for Virbela to download the app and demo tools on your own in the Virbela Open Campus.

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