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April 1, 2022

For Our 10 Year Anniversary, We Dug Up a Few Images of the First Virbela Campus

Virbela turns 10 today, so we’re reminiscing. In 2012, virtual worlds showed a ton of promise. Now, we have the most advanced enterprise Metaverse available for use today.
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For Virbela’s 10th anniversary, we rounded up a few images of our original virtual campus. 

The first Virbela campus was actually created in an innovation lab at the University of California San Diego, a couple years before the Virbela organization of today formed. Virbela Co-Founder & President Alex Howland was there earning his Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology. 

His doctoral thesis? That people perform better when they feel connected to others within a shared space. 

Now, Virbela is the most advanced enterprise Metaverse available for use today. Last week, at Hands In, we launched a fully redesigned campus to carry companies into the future of remote work. 

But, before that, there was this:

2012 vs 2022 Virtual Buildings

2012 vs 2022 Theater Auditorium

2012 vs 2022 Meeting Rooms

For more on the evolution of virtual worlds and the Metaverse, check out our session links for Hands In, Virbela’s first-ever user conference. 

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