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January 19, 2022

Four Cool Ideas to Decorate Your Virtual Office

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While there are a number of benefits to working in a virtual office (easy collaboration, flexible hours, and working from home), one of the most fun perks is being able to fully customize your office space in a matter of minutes. From changing furniture to adding personalized photos, it is easy to make your Metaverse office a space that is comfortable and productive for your day-to-day work and meetings. 

Virtual Windows

A favorite for many Virbela users, WindowSwap allows users to look through someone else's window from anywhere in the world! While working in your virtual office, you can enjoy scenes from Paris, France, Quito, Ecuador, and everywhere in between.

Alternatively, if you have a great view from your window you want others to see, you can simply upload a photo of your view! For example, Tecnológico de Monterrey adds images of their in-person campus into their virtual classrooms, pictured above.  Adding in these real world elements to a virtual office makes the space even more exciting to use. 

Collaboration Tools

Working from a virtual office likely means your team is reliant on collaboration tools like Miro or Trello. Whether you are referencing a Trello board for a project or using Miro to map out thoughts during a team meeting, you can integrate these tools directly into your office browser board for easy access! 

Rather than using two screens to see both Virbela and your collaboration tools, adding these links directly to your office browser let’s you stay fully immersed in Virbela during your meetings, helping to increase focus and productivity. 

Fun & Games

Making time for fun throughout the day is important for remote workers. Some of our favorite ways to have fun in the office are with games like T-Rex Runner or Cat Bounce! These browser based games are playable within Virbela and can even create a nice element of competition. 

Staying Connected

Creating channels of asynchronous communication is important for remote workers' work-life balance. Websites like NoteApp allow people to leave messages, feedback, and ideas for their co-workers whenever they aren’t in their office to chat with directly. 

Do you have a unique tool that you love for your virtual office? Share it with us on Twitter! To learn more about how to create engaging Metaverse offices, contact

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