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October 27, 2021

One of Latin America's Most Prestigious Universities Builds an Immersive 3D World

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As universities continue to struggle with finding their “new norm,” Tecnológico de Monterrey has created a virtual campus where students from 26 of their brick and mortar schools throughout Mexico can meet up to participate in classes, attend events and create a sense of community. Students attend class sessions designed by teachers to meet comprehensive learning objectives that develop skill sets needed for the future. A virtual world experience provides students with a chance to attend keynote conferences, symposiums, and network, while also giving them the opportunity to portray their style and personality through avatars. 

Tec de Monterrey goes to great lengths to ensure students are always learning at the cutting edge of technology. Learn what faculty, staff, and students have to say about their virtual campus experience here.

With virtual experiences that rival the real world, this university is definitely one to watch. Virtual reality campus developer Virbela designed realistic scenery outside classrooms, an auditorium where students can become inspired by the words of top-rated keynote speakers, and an expo hall to showcase capstone projects or participate in career fairs.

Adding a touch of continuity to the virtual and in-person learning spaces, classroom windows display the same verdant campus views as its physical campus. With each view, you'll see the beautiful scenery that you'll find on a Tec de Monterrey campus, including lush trees and lawns. From a distance, the view appears just as realistic, thanks to the classroom textures that make internal and external scenes consistent. 

A bonus for Tec de Monterrey administrators who are meeting in a virtual classroom is that they can configure classroom spaces for independent, paired, and team learning participation with just one click.

From the other side of the campus, a longer topographical view showcases the changing light and cloud features. Details like these make virtual campuses feel immersive and a little more natural for easier focus on high-powered studies.

Just like a traditional university campus, Tec de Monterrey offers space where students can gather to socialize and step into a video arcade where online games populate web boards with private volume boundaries. Students can shout at the screen (you know you do it, too) without distracting anyone else from retro gaming dominance. 

Healthy minds are also part of the Tec de Monterrey virtual campus mission. The creation of a yoga studio where web boards play yoga classes for students to follow along offers a unique way to support mental health. Students also feel a responsibility to cheer each other on after a great yoga session. 

As schools continue to focus on workforce readiness and technical dexterity, Tecnológico de Monterrey also brings opportunities for students to experience working in spaces of the future. The experience students receive then becomes a  differentiator when applying for internships and jobs, as most of today’s students will no longer be tied to geographical locations. 

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