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December 21, 2021

Four Examples of Companies Already Doing Business in the Metaverse

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With so much chatter about the Metaverse in recent months, many people are trying to understand what the term means, what role it might play in our future, and more specifically, how it will apply to the world of work.

Although the term “Metaverse” has been popularized recently, working and interacting in a virtual environment is not a new concept. Some of the most innovative companies are already working in the Metaverse, via hosting corporate events, meeting with clients, or executing all corporate operations from a virtual campus.

eXp Realty

eXp Realty has been operating in a virtual world since 2009. Innovation brings swift growth for all stakeholders, which has grown to include 70,000 real estate agents as of December 2021, many of whom voted for the company as a Glassdoor Employee Choice Awards “Best Place to Work” four years in a row. 

Using Virbela, agents can get training, transactional support, unparalleled collaboration, and togetherness that beats brick and mortar.

What’s more, eXp Realty is the fastest-growing real estate company in the world with agents in the United States and 17 other countries, and continues to scale internationally. The company has been able to expand into many of these countries without stepping foot on a plane -- a feat that would be impossible without a virtual headquarters.

Afrotech by Blavity

AfroTech is one of the largest multicultural tech conferences in the United States, bringing together leaders in technology and business for a week of presentations, recruiting, and networking. Hosted by Blavity, the conference hosted over 10,000 attendees in a Virbela Private Campus, featuring over 175 brands, including Apple, Google, Netflix, Disney, Tesla, Meta, Microsoft, and many others. 

The six-day event was held in a virtual campus designed to emulate the social dynamics of in-person events.  It included various presentations, an exhibitor hall that showcased 175 brands, and even had celebrity DJs spinning at parties in a virtual speakeasy.


For Mexican software company Softtek, onboarding is an exciting rite of passage. New employees or rather, Softtekians, don’t get a manual and a few meetings. They get an inspiring immersion in their new company’s way of life, one they can join from anywhere. It’s called the Galatea.

The Galatea is an event that happens in Softtek’s virtual world, powered by Virbela. There, Softtekians from around the world meet for an introduction to Softtek’s organizational culture. 

Part onboarding and part initiation, the Galatea sessions help teams feel focused on common goals, so they can perform their best on the job. The virtual world makes it easy for everyone to be themselves and get psyched to embark on meaningful work together.

American Cancer Society

For 25 years, Global Relay For Life has brought together cancer societies from around the world, uniting 29 Relay For Life Partners in one shared mission: to find a cure for cancer and support patients and their families throughout their journey.

The Global Relay For Life Festival is a 24-hour virtual celebration open to participants across the globe to raise money for the American Cancer Society (ACS). The 2021 celebration was hosted in ACS’s virtual campus, bringing together 2,593 participants from 29 different countries. 

Relayers gathered virtually to celebrate survivors, remember lost loved ones, and meet others in the Relay for Life community. The Fight Back Expo Hall featured over 30 exhibitors, and participants enjoyed a 24-hour DJ set by The Lone Crow Daryl Epimaco with an inspiring sunset backdrop on the virtual beach.

The festival also hosted a luminaria ceremony, which allowed participants to write names of loved ones and sentimental notes on virtual luminaria bags. The result? Pathways of glowing luminarias, illuminating words of remembrance, inspiration, and hope.

Interested to learn how your company can host an event or work in the Metaverse? Reach out to Virbela to learn more.

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