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August 31, 2021

Holiday Event Planning: Online and Virtual Events Are Still Going Strong

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We’re in that kind of awkward phase. Socializing is back, but not necessarily full force. Some people can’t wait to mingle; others may have liked the solitude. Online and virtual events have taken over for a while now.

The outcome as we head into the pre-holiday season? Events are going to look different this year. Here’s why that’s a good thing and what you can do to stay memorable.

Hybrid Events

Who Should Host: Companies with hybrid workforces, emerging brands, or social media influencers, to name a few

Guests Will Love: Convenience, new experiences, a dual event

Many brands are planning hybrid events this year. A hybrid event is a combination of in-person gathering and an online component.

This is the type of event you should plan if you have a core group of guests in a single geographic location amid a wider audience. That way, everyone can join in the fun. 

Host a happy hour in a tiki bar and throw a virtual beach party in Virbela. Meet in a club for a promotional event after a virtual dance party. There are lots of great pairings that bring in the RSVPs IRL and online. 

Virtual Parties

Who Should Host: Remote companies, big brands entering the VR space, sponsored events, and larger charities, among others

Guests Will Love: New experiences and sharing them with their own followers or networks, the feeling of going out from the comfort of home, excellent audio and entertainment options

Virtual parties are not as unexpected as they used to be. This year, big brands and charities alike are hosting their holiday events and virtual reality.

The ability to mingle just like you would in a physical location makes an all-virtual event something special to remember. 

Event planners love virtual worlds because they’re easy to brand and configure. It’s definitely easier than decorating an entire event hall. Each world can feature custom colors, virtual furniture arrangements, and outdoor-inspired environments.

If you’re interested in hosting virtual holiday events, check out some of the awesome parties thrown in Virbela. Our favorite? When DJ Jazzy Jeff did a full DJ set in The Virbela Speakeasy™. 

This is exactly the right time to start planning an amazing virtual party for the winter holidays. Virbela worlds can be designed very quickly, but for an extra special event, take the time to start planning now.

Online Mixers

Who Should Host: Smaller, innovative companies, artists, or influencers offering interactive experiences, activist or fundraising events

Guests Will Love: Being able to chat like at a lounge or house party, clout with their own networks

For smaller events, mixers would usually be your go-to party style; some low-key entertainment and a chance to network suit smaller organizations with big event objectives. 

Some brands opt to host their events in FRAME, a lightweight virtual world with modern and ultra-customizable design. FRAME is especially great for parties of up to 50 or so people to preserve the intimacy of exclusive events without the exclusive-event price tag.

As events and socializing continue to take shape this year, start organizing your ideas and kick-off planning. To learn more about how to design a fantastic event for your brand or organization, reach out to

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