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December 10, 2020

Holiday Parties Aren’t Canceled. They’ve Moved to The Virbela Speakeasy™

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We all deserve a party for making it through 2020. That’s why we designed The Virbela Speakeasy, launching December 10. The Virbela Speakeasy is a state-of-the-art, multi-level entertainment venue in the Virbela Open Campus. If you want to host your own events, you can add the venue to your Virbela private campus or rent it for one-time events. 

We created it to make sure we don’t lose meaningful moments to change. Because there’s been a lot of change this year. Social distance. Online classes. Work from home. 

And while there are silver linings—like the empowerment of remote work or the expansion of teams anywhere in the world—there are things we miss. Like people, places, and new connections.

In Virbela, we bring those things back via realistic office space or immersive event halls. In The Virbela Speakeasy, we get loose. It’s a place for parties, live music acts, comedy shows, awards ceremonies, and more.

To attend an event, create and customize your avatar in Virbela. Your avatar is how you explore, socialize, and enjoy events with other attendees. The experience feels real, human— and fun, thanks to playful features that mirror any event:

New dance moves: In Virbela, people don’t need to worry if their dance skills are up to par. Every avatar has 10 different dance moves to show off for every musical occasion, including the twist, swing, samba, salsa, robot, house, hip hop, headbang, Gangnam, and break dance.  

Dozens of branding opportunities: For a completely unique experience, organizations can customize the name of the venue, as well as add their logo, images, videos, and posters throughout the event space. 

Private volume areas : Just like in real life, if the music gets too loud, people can step into smaller, private chat areas for 1:1 or smaller group conversations. 

To show you how it’s done, we’re throwing the Virbela Holiday #PartyfromHome and you’re invited.

The event kicks off with a live DJ set of mellow holiday hits and hip-hop by DJ Jazzy Jeff. He’ll be spinning on the main stage, but you can explore The Virbela Speakeasy just like you would check out any concert venue.

Hang out on the main floor. Dance in front of the speakers or climb the stairs to the balcony for a view of the action. In private volume spaces, you can chat with friends and colleagues. There’s even a realistically grungy bathroom for those of you that remember your crazy party days. (They weren’t that long ago, right?) 

In The Virbela Speakeasy, good times are totally possible again. RSVP to the Virbela Holiday #PFH now or visit Virbela Events to throw your own party.

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