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May 12, 2023

12 Metaverse Features You Have to Check Out

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Whether you’re a metaverse newbie or a total power user, these are the top 12 Virbela features that just about everyone loves.

Save this list to make the most of your next Virbela experience and be sure to tag us and tell us about it if you try anything new.

Avatar Customization: A newly updated avatar system gives you more control than ever over your self expression.

Go To Menu: Want to teleport? The easiest way to get around Virbela, this menu in the upper left corner of the screen gets you anywhere in a matter of clicks.

Subway Stations: Enter a subway station and teleport to its destination. This is a great way to get to the Outer Lake and other secret nature spots on campus.

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Map Navigation: Get the aerial view and work your way around Virbela. Check out the map in the upper right corner and teleport to your next destination.

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Running to Destinations: Want to see the metaverse at eye level, just a little faster? Hit Shift while you use the arrow keys and run.

Dancing: There are two ways to get down in Virbela: Click your name in the Go To and click Dance or just hit F7. Take these moves to the Speakeasy, a lounge nightclub space, or bust them out anywhere on campus.

Private Volume Areas: Maintain confidentiality anywhere you see a neon blue circle. These areas, both large and small and located around VIrbela, are completely soundproof, so no one walking by can hear you.

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Mountain Trail: Follow this trail all the way to the top of the mountain where you can see the rest of Virbela from up high. This is an awesome place to take a selfie. Click your name, click View Avatar, take a screenshot.

Forest Campsite: Try having your next meeting around a campfire. It’s amazing how people bring their best ideas in an inspiring spot.

Pavilion: This central building complex in Virbela is home to several business and social areas. Explore how you could use this space to get things done.

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Art Gallery: Even if you’ve been to galleries before, this one’s different. The art can change in an instant and the environment is just as mixed-media as the art on display.

Cultural Sector: Visit this corner of Virbela to dive into enriching ideas around culture and climate. Bring friends like you’re going to a museum or explore on your own.

Explore more of the metaverse in Virbela. Anyone can download Virbela, create an avatar, and discover how virtual worlds build connectivity and collaboration across work teams and organizations of all kinds.

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