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July 11, 2022

Miss Having Lunch Together? Virtual Cafeterias Can Bring Back the Fun

As part of Social Wellness Month, Virbela brings lunchtime back to life with the opening of the Virbela University Cafeteria, an immersive social space.
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Even if you don’t miss your commute or your dry cleaning bill, you might miss the unique rituals of work-week lunches. For many office-goers, lunch represented a meaningful social occasion. It was a chance to make friends or secure important relationships. You got to break up the workday and venture out together—or maybe you just sat in silence, soaking in the ambience of wherever you went.

As part of Social Wellness Month, Virbela brings lunchtime back to life with the opening of the Virbela University Cafeteria. During July and August, anyone can enter Open Campus to enjoy their lunch in an immersive environment. We’ll be offering classes on how to enhance your own virtual campus experience or just come and network. The cafeteria is open to all. 


Teleport to the Virbela University Cafeteria: From the Go-To menu, select Virbela Downtown > Virbela U: Cafeteria. If you’d rather take the long way, you can enter the 2 train station and walk along the river pathway. 


The Virbela University Cafeteria

Once you’re at the Virbela U cafeteria, you’ll find an environment designed to welcome all kinds of people. Hang out in between meetings, take a break from a long stretch of creative work, or recharge your brain before you number-crunch the rest of the day away. You’ll love the cafeteria vibe with its welcoming layout, brick-inspired walls, and plants dotting the scene. In the background, you can hear the low-key hum of chatter in multiple languages, just like you would at your favorite lunch spot in a big city. 

For a touch of delight, there’s a moving sushi conveyor belt to get your appetite going. If you’re in the mood to take in more cultural inspiration, you can watch quirky cooking shows or check out the specials on the Social Health Menus listed on the chalkboards with suggestions, like make connections and get active, available in English and Spanish. 

From the menu boards, you can follow links to Social Wellness Toolkits, also available in English and Spanish, where you can learn more about Social Wellness Month and strategies for improving your social health. You can also navigate or walk Open Campus before or after lunch to see more of what XR workspaces are like.

Social Wellness Month

Virbela is dedicated to Social Wellness Month as part of our overall commitment to wellness in the workplace. The transition to remote or hybrid work arrangements can present companies and individuals with extraordinary benefits related to work-life balance and diversity of achievement. At the same time, individuals can report a loss of connectivity that may make them feel adrift as they complete work objectives. 

Building genuine social connections at work drives productivity and innovation, making social wellness truly critical to any company’s success.  In that sense, social wellness is about your ability to bond with others and build satisfying relationships. The Virbela U Cafeteria can provide a place where companies can encourage their staff to take advantage of social relationships that benefit everyone. 

We welcome anyone interested in experiencing social wellness firsthand to drop by the cafeteria with friends and colleagues. Download Virbela here or for more on how you can develop Community Experiences like the Virbela University Cafeteria at your company, reach out to

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