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May 21, 2021

New in Open Campus: More Languages, Avatar Wardrobe, and Stage Effects

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Virtual worlds have entered a golden age of continuous improvements. Sometimes, the breakthroughs come all at once— but often, we’re making incremental changes to quickly level up your experience.

Here are our most recent feature rollouts, available in Open Campus now.

1. Virbela in italiano and 한국어

In response to strong demand, we’ve created new language settings in Italian and Korean. 

That makes the full language list: English, Spanish, French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Japanese, Italian, and Korean

How to Change Your Language Setting

Here’s how to make the change. It’s quick and easy for all users, so you can toggle through selections at any time.

  1. Enter your Virbela virtual world.
  2. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Select Preferences.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the dialog box.
  5. Use left-right arrows to set your language.
  6. Hit Save and Close.

Check this out for additional help:

Note: if your Operating System is set to a supported language, Virbela will automatically switch your language settings.

New language settings are just another way to feel at home in a virtual world. 

For support or questions about Language settings, please visit Tech Support in the Virbela Open Campus.

2. Type in Multiple Languages

Type with any character, from any of our supported languages, without font limitations.

That’s anywhere across campus—in the chat box, on sticky notes, for names and titles, or on signs. 

Spanglish? Mostly English, but sometimes Japanese? 

Type like you’d speak. How’s that for realistic? 

3. Dress Your Avatar in the New Virbela Logo Tee

A fresh t-shirt drop features the high-contrast Virbela logo.

In the Virbela menu, click your name, then Change Avatar. Click on the icons and use the arrows to play with your look.

Other ‘fits to try: A sharp blazer, button-downs, pencil skirts and boots, Coke-bottle glasses and sunnies, or maybe a seasonal hat. 

4. Celebrate on Stage

Shower the stage with balloons and confetti from the ceiling. The new Celebration effect is designed for joy.

Find it under the Stage Effects tab at the top of the screen, anytime you’re on stage. The effect is accessible to moderator or admin users.

Looking to put on a show? Get in front of an audience in the Auditorium, Conference Hall, Theater, Soccer Field*, Rooftop*, Beach*, and The Virbela Speakeasy™. 

If you’d like the Celebration effect added to your private campus, reach out to

Stay up to date with new features as they launch. Follow Virbela on LinkedIn.

*Celebration mode can be activated on the Soccer Field, Beach, and Rooftop when a stage is set up.

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