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October 11, 2022

New Virbela APIs Connect the Metaverse with Your Business Operations

Virbela is offering four new partner APIs to help companies manage users and analyze Metaverse activity.
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Virbela is pleased to announce several new application programming interfaces (APIs). These APIs are designed to help you integrate Virbela into your everyday business processes and discover more information about how people are using your Virbela Private Campus.

If you’re interested in using these APIs, reach out to your account manager to get started. We can advise your internal software engineering teams on implementation, so that you can do more with Virbela.

What You Can Do with Virbela APIs

APIs connect applications so that they can share certain information and extend functionality. 

By using Virbela’s APIs to link your Private Campus’ data with other software solutions—like your employee directory, for example—you can streamline workflows and scale operations with minimal effort. 

Virbela’s new APIs can help reduce manual data entry, ensure consistency across platforms, and improve user analytics:

  • User Management API - Invite new users to your campus.
  • User Attendance API - See who spends time in your Private Campus or at events.
  • Room Information API -  Retrieve a list of all the rooms within your campus. This API is primarily meant for use with the User Attendance API.
  • User Information API - Retrieve a list of all the members within your campus. This API is primarily meant for use with the User Attendance API.

User Management API

The User Management API has a variety of uses to benefit Virbela owners and administrators. 

  • Link Virbela and your employee directory to add new users automatically as they sign up.
  • Systematically create and deactivate members of your Private Campus.
  • Connect event registrations to Virbela so that your attendees have an easy login experience, no additional sign-ups required.

User Attendance API

The User Attendance API allows you to determine who visited your campus and where they were engaged during the course of their stay. 

With this API, you can pull attendance data to see when users entered and exited specific rooms. Examples of this could include a user spending time in the Virbela Auditorium for a panel presentation or popping in and out of boardrooms during breakout sessions at a conference.

You can also analyze this data for a broader look at long-term trends around how your organization and its partners use Virbela. Determine new user count growth, see returning users, and more. 

Room Information and User Information APIs

The other two additional Virbela APIs are the Room Information API and the User Information API. 

Each of these two APIs are for reference and supplement the use of the User Attendance API. They also provide detailed information that can help you streamline your analytics when you have many rooms or thousands of users. 

Getting Started with Virbela APIs

Virbela APIs can enhance your operations and workflows for efficiency and scalability. They’re designed for customers with internal software engineering teams that are equipped to program and implement API requests and deliver and receive information to and from Virbela. 

Reach out to your account manager to get started.

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