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Laval Virtual chose Virbela to host a part of its annual conference. Now, it recommends the platform to a range of professionals from various industries.
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Laval Virtual pivots from an in-person to an online event

About 200 miles southwest of Paris, the historic town of Laval has defined itself with its commitment to technology. Electronics, computing, and scientific research groups comprise a modern community of trailblazers. At the core of that community is Laval Virtual, a team of 30 self-described tech enthusiasts, advocating for the wider use of virtual, augmented, and extended reality technologies.
Maroua El Mokhtari, Strategic Partnerships Manager at Laval Virtual, helps organizations find ways to host their event or collaborate remotely in virtual environments. The nonprofit takes a two-pronged approach that guides consultations or project plans:
With Virbela, we conceive and create immersive experiences that suit the objective of the event and design from there. It’s never a copy-paste thing."
Maroua El Mokhtari | Strategic Partnerships Manager at Laval Virtual

Laval Virtual World 2020 attracts 6,500+ attendees globally

From Laval Virtual World, its private Virbela campus, the Laval Virtual team hosts thousands of tech professionals from around the world for events, meetings, workshops, and tours.

The larger community is connected, enthusiastic, and sees the potential in Virbela. When Laval Virtual announced its annual flagship event would take place in its Virbela-powered world, thousands of participants created avatars within the first 36 hours. 

The result: more than 6,500 participants from 110 countries attended.
“The interaction was as natural as possible,” reports El Mokhtari. “We focus on community, and Virbela allows people to gather and brings to the forefront the notion of serendipity, people having positive chance conversations. We wanted to recreate the feeling we’ve enjoyed during prior years of the Laval Virtual World conference. It was like coming back to your XR family.” 

Advancing Virtual Worlds

As a result of Laval Virtual’s success in Virbela, many of the attendees and partners have reached out and asked for help virtualizing their own events. This is where the organization’s talents as a facilitator stand out.

Since Laval Virtual’s core value is innovation, the team’s main objective is to find the top solutions for each challenge. By suggesting Virbela, Laval satisfies its own mission—serving its community’s best technological interests.

When presenting Virbela to associates, El Mokhtari and the Laval Virtual team advise with confidence. Before selecting a platform for its event, Laval Virtual tested up to 25 contenders. 
Virbela stood out as a leading platform due to a strong mix of factors:
  • Engagement
  • Ease of Use
  • Price Point
  • Stability
  • Scalibility
  • Customization
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As Laval Virtual continues to evolve and thrive, Virbela is earning its place at the heart of the organization’s work process. Now, all team meetings are held in the Laval Virtual World, which includes three campuses altogether to meet the needs of its community.

From Laval, France and the 110 countries from which its participants join its efforts, the team at Laval Virtual is commanding its place in the history of technology.

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