Singularity University

As a global institution, Singularity University needed a global solution to connect with their worldwide community of thought leaders, enterprises, and students. They found it with Virbela.
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A socially connected alternative to video conferencing

In their own words, Singularity University specializes in equipping, “leaders, organizations, and startups with the mindset, tools, and networks to tackle the world’s biggest challenges.” Their transformative programs, webinars and events focus on innovation through the use of exponential technologies and connecting global networks of alumni, partners, students, individuals, and impact enterprises.
With such a diverse worldwide community to empower and engage, Singularity University sought an interactive working environment with more social connectivity and practicality than they’d experienced with traditional video conferencing. Virbela’s Open Campus was the inclusive virtual space to enable just that.
“I love that using the virtual campus can recreate, to a surprising degree, some of the social dynamics and behaviors you would expect to see in the physical real world.”
Aaron Frank | Principal Faculty At Singularity University

Singularity University bring innovators and thought leaders together

The spatial flexibility and more personal networking opportunities offered by our Open Campus was a perfect fit for Singularity University’s dispersed global community. As an institution, they are passionate about person-to-person collaboration and connecting thought leaders, faculty, and facilitators with individuals and enterprises to drive innovation around the world. It’s no wonder then that Virbela’s always-on social spaces, in-world meeting rooms, and interactive auditoriums created a natural home for them and their diverse networks to meet, work, and train.

Virbela’s Open Campus drives an uptick in engagement

The human exchanges and interactive presentations enjoyed by Singularity University’s members in-world led to a feeling of being physically present in each virtual space and during every virtual event. From seated seminars to dynamic displays and presentations, our Open Campus helped members connect with one other and motivate themselves to succeed like never before.
Of particular benefit, Principle Faculty Aaron Frank cites, “the software to facilitate some nuanced types of interactive learning approaches that would never be possible with online platforms like Zoom or others. The key ingredient is the spatial environment– it can recreate the sensation of being physically present with other people.”

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