Riley adopts new sustainable business practices and supports a healthier work-life balance with Virbela.
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Walking the talk with cutting-edge tech

Riley is an elite technology consultancy that’s passionate about helping businesses thrive through the use of cloud and emerging technologies. They are also passionate about supporting their internal colleagues, too.
With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, Riley sought a way to help their employees thrive and feel connected during this stressful and unsettling time, while also reducing the environmental impact of their wider operations. With Virbela, they were able to implement a virtual workplace that not only allowed their consultants to keep interacting and meeting in real time, but could do so without the daily commute or office overhead costs.
“At Riley, we built our remote working office in Virbela. Consultants can gather around a table for a meeting, work at computers in a common room or head to their private offices. Running a virtual workplace allows teams to see, talk and work with each other, no matter where they all are, in a way no other technology can.”
Riley Consultants

Business as usual, with some unusual (and fun) additions

Riley’s virtual office offered their employees a remote working experience that preserved real-world office culture, maintained personal relationships, and kept the casual interactions that make working in a team so rewarding. Colleagues were able to chat through voice or text, interact with each other’s avatars and collaborate on joint projects through presentation tools, sticky notes, and big screen displays – all within a natural office setting.
Branded spaces, personal offices, breakout rooms and, boardrooms meant consultants could join meetings, have private discussions, or enjoy some quiet time to concentrate on their work. In many ways, the working experience for employees has been very much like before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, but without having to spend time commuting. At the same time, the firm’s wider carbon footprint was reduced, too.

Bringing everyone together, even when they are apart

Virbela and Riley helped bring people together in a time of deep uncertainty. Riley’s virtual office has given employees a sense of normalcy, allowing them to interact and work in an environment that feels familiar and is filled with the people they were used to seeing, and want to see. With remote working becoming a reality for every business, virtual reality became part of the new normal for Riley.

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