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In this edition of the Virbela newsletter, learn more about our upcoming event, How to Make Your L&D Programs Stand Out in 2022, get our tips for planning a memorable holiday event, and read Alex Howland’s latest byline in BuiltIn!

EVENT TOMORROW: How to Make Your L&D Programs Stand Out in 2022

  • Building high-performing teams and organizations with a strong culture depends on learning and development programs within organizations. However, most organizations have not yet revised their strategies to accommodate remote and hybrid work. Join our expert panelists tomorrow, November 18th, at 11:30 am PT as they discuss how L&D programs can help drive enterprise success. 
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BLOG: Holiday Event Planning: Online and Virtual Events Are Still Going Strong

  • Online and virtual events have taken over for a while now. The outcome as we head into the holiday season? Events are going to look different this year. Here’s why that’s a good thing and what you can do to stay memorable during your holiday parties, plus our tips for planning a great get together!
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BYLINE: 5 Interview Questions to Add to Your Remote Hiring Process

  • Hiring for fully remote positions requires a different approach than for an in-person position. Tailor your next virtual interview to the specific needs of remote work with these candidate questions.
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TEAM SUITE SPOTLIGHT: The PTSD Foundation of America

  • The PTSD Foundation of America uses their Virbela Team Suite to connect their members from across the United States for meetings and events. Learn more about Team Suites and use code 'workfromhome' for 10% off your monthly Team Suite subscription. 
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  • NEOMA Business School is accelerating its digital transformation and is opening the first 100% digital campus in Europe in partnership with Laval Virtual! Check out their fully virtual campus powered by Virbela.
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INDUSTRY NEWS: HRS Partners with Virbela to Provide Virtual World Technology to $200+ Billion Enterprise Market

  • HRS agency, an Australian-based technology distributor and owner of Metaverse Media, announced an enterprise partnership that will see the global deployment of Virbela, a virtual world platform that's redefining the future of business, events and education.
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Evolution of the Virtual Classroom

  • The idea of a classroom has changed for many after the pandemic. Some students were pushed into isolation where their only connection with teachers and classmates was video calls. Andrew Wright, a teacher affected by the lockdowns, began creating an EDU Metaverse using FRAME. Read all about it from Andrew Wright, iTeacher.
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Industry Events

A snapshot of where you can find Virbela in the next few weeks.
  • VR Day on iLRN Campus - Join VR Day on the iLRN Campus powered by Virbela this Saturday, November 20! Explore the immersive campus alongside attendees from around the world. Learn More!

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