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Sales Affiliate Resources

This is a collection of resources to help Team Suite Sales Affiliates.
More coming as the program develops. Have ideas for contributions? Let us know.

Sales Affiliate Registration

This is a quick getting started guide to show you how to get set up.


Check out some frequently asked questions about the program.

Pitch Deck

This is a pitch deck about Team Suites that you can use, modify, and distribute.


Here's a link to the Sales Affiliate forum, where you can ask questions and share ideas.


Have a solid lead that is looking for something bigger than a Team Suite? Let's talk about it.

Tutorials + Shares

Here's a collection of articles about VirBELA as well as Team Suite tutorials, images, and fliers.


What is a Team Suite?

A Team Suite is a private space within the VirBELA Open Campus that an organization can purchase and use. A Team Suite is a suite of 12 offices (each with 6 seats and 3 screens) and a few spaces in the hallway for large meetings. A Team Suite owner can invite 20 people to be members of their specific Team Suite, and a Team Suite can support 20 simultaneous users inside of it at once.

Do I get my own Team Suite?

As a Team Suite Sales Affiliate you don’t get your own Team Suiteon the Open Campus and you aren’t required to purchase one. That said, there is always a Suite Room available for you to demo inside of the Open Campus (in the Go To menu, find Team Suite demo).

I have leads that will need more than 20 simultaneous users. Do we have a solution for them at this time?

We currently only have one offering of Team Suites. We anticipate this to change as the demand for different size rooms is identified. If you have someone who wants something bigger or smaller, let us know.

If a Team Suite customer upgrades their subscription, will my commission increase?

See the language in the upcoming Sales Affiliate contract for specifics here.

I’m eXp Staff, can I participate?

At this time, no. That said, we’re thinking closely about this and nothing is set in stone for the long-term future.

What is the commission rate?

If someone purchases a monthly subscription with your referral code, you get $50/month for as long as their Team Suite subscription is active starting on the second month. It starts on the second month because the end user gets their first month free. When they pay, you get paid. If someone purchases an annual subscription with your referral code, you get $494.96. This is 25% of the total cost after the user discount has been applied.

What happens if someone pays for an annual subscription and then decides to cancel early? Will they get a pro-rated refund?  Do I have to pay back my commission at a prorated rate?

We don’t offer prorated refunds.

How do I get paid?

You’ll see payouts from your referrals in your Stripe dashboard. You can see there which lead the payout came from.

Why do I need a Stripe account?

Stripe is a widely-used, robust payment processing platform. Adopting Stripe instead of building out our own payment platform and dashboard allowed us to save a lot of effort and get this program out of the gate in a timely fashion.

Is phone or tablet access available for these Team Suites?

Not yet, no. Team Suites work on PC and Mac.

What if I bring in a deal at the enterprise level (e.g., a customer who wants their own campus like eXp World)?

Currently, we are focusing on Team Suite sales because our belief is that sales affiliates should be able to complete a sale without the help of a member of the VirBELA staff (although we are here to support you).  A private campus (like eXp World), is a much more complicated sales process at this point in time. We may offer an Enterprise Sales commission structure in the future, but have nothing in place at this time. If you have a strong lead who is explicitly interested in a private campus, you can reach out to us and we’ll handle it on a case-by-case basis.

Can users in other countries access these Team Suites? Can companies buy them?

Yes. VirBELA currently has users from around the world. However, at this point in time documentation and buttons/tooltips inside VirBELA are all in English. For companies, the process is identical to domestic clients. They will purchase in U.S dollars through Stripe.

Can other real estate agents/brokers (non-eXp) purchase Team Suites on the open campus?

While other real estate agents/brokers are welcome to purchase Team Suites in the Open Campus, this isn’t a market we are aiming to go after aggressively. Non-eXp agents and brokerages are not able to get a private campus (such as eXp world), as this is a competitive advantage eXp wants to maintain.

Will I be informed if one of my customers cancels their subscription?

You won’t get a notification, no, so you’ll have to rely on your dashboard to see if someone stops paying.

Will the price of Team Suites or the commissions ever change?

They could. We are just launching Team Suites and expect to get a lot of market data feedback early on. This could drive the price up or down, or lead to more offerings. Our goal is to stay agile and iterate quickly based on market feedback. Change in rates could impact commission rates.

Can I create advertising campaigns to promote the affiliate program?

For the initial pilot program, we ask that you only reach out to those in your personal network. In the future, we will likely allow affiliates to run campaigns upon approval.

What is expected of an agent in the affiliate program?

An eXp Realty agent who participates in the VirBELA affiliate pilot program will complete the two-hour training program, plus attend ongoing monthly training. To become an active sales affiliate, they’ll need to sign an affiliate contract, provide a W-9 and register for a Stripe account.Additionally, we ask affiliates to use provided sales and marketing materials. Exceptions will be made only if custom materials are approved by VirBELA in advance.