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December 7, 2023

New in Virbela: Modernized Offices, Winter Outfits, and More

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We’re excited to announce a few new updates, designed to make your experience in the metaverse more immersive and engaging.

  • We’ve redesigned our offices to be brighter, more colorful and more customizable.
  • We added a ton of fun, seasonal apparel and accessories for your avatar to wear.
  • We made it easier to access more apparel collections at once, just like you would if you were in your own closet looking at your fashion options.
  • We dropped a gorgeous, illuminated sign to help teams ring in the New Year for 2024.
  • We also made a number of minor improvements so that you can always make the most of your time in the metaverse.

Want to explore now? Download Virbela and set up your avatar to check everything out on your own or with colleagues.

Have questions or want to get started with your own virtual world? Reach out to

Work in newly designed offices with more customization

Exciting updates are here for Team Suites, Virbela’s office workspaces. Check out how amazing workspaces look and feel with skylights and improved lighting. Plus, boardrooms now feature vaulted ceilings.

Ready to make your office look even more like your own? We’ve just released new ways to get creative and personalize spaces.

One of the benefits of Virbela has always been its scalability. In a physical office building, you’d never be able to give everyone their own private office. In Virbela, it’s easy, giving everyone a place to focus independently or meet with others.  

Have fun personalizing your office with custom colored walls, carpet, and seating. Choose from stylish furniture, including tulip-base tables and high-backed club chairs.

With additional configurability, admins can choose from reception, couch, and chair layouts for central seating areas and add private volumes as needed.

Activate more seasonal options

The recent update marks more flexibility in how you manage themes and collections, plus lots of fun new avatar options.

Themes and collections

Themes define the look of your campus. They include background scenery, lighting effects, and other elements that align with a particular mood or occasion, such as Halloween-themed decorations or festive holiday motifs.

Collections refer to the apparel and accessories avatars wear. They include elements like Santa hats, graduation caps, or thick winter sweaters.

  • Christmas Outfits - Christmas hats, necklace, and earrings
  • Graduation Outfits - Graduation top with sash and cap with tassel
  • Halloween Outfits - Halloween hats, masks, eyewear, and earrings
  • Independence Day (USA) Outfits - Independence Day top hat and sunglasses
  • New Year’s (USA) Outfits - New Year’s hats and glasses
  • Saint Patrick’s Day Outfits - St. Patrick’s Day hats, headbands, and earrings
  • Spring Outfits - Spring pork pie hat and flower crown
  • Winter Outfits - Winter sweaters and beanies

Prior to the update, themes and collections would change together. You’d turn on the Halloween theme and get the Halloween costumes.

Now, you can toggle on as many collections as you like. For instance, you might want to provide your users with options to wear Saint Patrick’s Day, Spring Outfits, and Winter Outfits at once.

New avatar options

We’ve also added tons of new winter apparel and accessories. You can access these by hovering over your name in the Go-To menu in the upper left hand corner and selecting Change Avatar. From there, you can play with your look for maximum self-expression and change it up at any time.

Here are a few of the latest winter sweaters with more in Virbela:

Check out updated sweaters, beanies and other headwear, jewelry and more. Want something extra-special? Don a pair of reindeer antlers for your next meeting and let us know how it goes.

Ring in 2024 with a glamorous sign

Get ready to light up the metaverse with our fabulous 2024 sign. Your staff and other visitors are going to love this glamorous Art Deco-inspired sign. Let them know you can’t wait for an amazing new year together.

Other updates

We’ve also included a few other updates, like an upgrade to the Unity engine that drives Virbela for a more seamless virtual experience. We added timestamps to chat and streamlined our dance and emote menus for better usability.

Explore Virbela

As the metaverse continues to evolve, Virbela remains at the forefront of innovation, delivering our users the best experience possible. Have you visited yet? Anyone can enter Virbela at any time. Just download now, set up your avatar, and start exploring.

For questions or to create your own virtual world, reach out to

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