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August 8, 2022

Alex Howland Explains How to Break Down Remote Work Silos in the Metaverse

Virbela Co-Founder and President Alex Howland offers his insights to help remote-first organizations break down silos, reconnect teams, and discover innovation.
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In a recent article for Fast Company, Virbela Co-Founder and President Alex Howland writes about how the Metaverse can help enterprise companies overcome gaps in collaboration. Howland looks at the silos that can form at remote-first organizations and offers key insights to help restore teamwork and innovation.

The main idea is that, if you want your company to lead in a rapidly changing world, a sense of place still matters–even if the intrinsic nature of a “place” evolves. Global organizations can provide that sense of place in the Metaverse. Working together as avatars, teams can regain the trust, engagement, and large-scale imaginative power that video-only collaboration can dampen.


Read More: How the Metaverse Can End Work Silos and Surface Innovation by Alex Howland for Fast Company


How to Overcome Remote Work Silos

“Innovation lies between an organization’s silos,” explains Howland. “That’s because the collective intelligence of a company isn’t just the sum of its employees; it’s in the discoveries they make together—the sparks that fly when different types of minds circle a business challenge.”

Silos are divisions within a company. Within each silo, a team is isolated from others, working blindly on its own objectives and failing to consider how their work may impact the larger objectives of the company. 

It’s a common challenge for companies as remote work replaces a 9-to-5 in a physical office. How can leaders ensure remote staff are empowered to do their best work, the kind that advances a company’s goals and helps capture new market share. 

Knocking out silos is a company-wide initiative, and the persistence of the Metaverse allows leaders to create that level of company-wide impact. Persistence, wherein environments remain on 24/7, accommodate global staff across time zones, language settings, and individual abilities or lifestyles.

With a common workspace for teams across different business units, company leadership can unite teams around common objectives more easily. Immersion in everyday work helps individuals brainstorm, identify solutions, and surface innovation. 

For the full story, read How the Metaverse Can End Work Silos and Surface Innovation by Alex Howland for Fast Company.

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